Biology Programs

  • Biology Department

    Biology Degree

    Biologists work as laboratory technologists, x-ray and respiratory technologists, physical therapists, physicians, nurses, and researchers in the medical field; as foresters, wildlife and fisheries biologists, field ecologists, ethnobiologists, botanists, entomologists, and others in field biology and ecology; as veterinary technicians, researchers, and doctors in veterinary medicine; as agronomists, plant pathologists, enologists, and pest management specialists in agriculture; as educators in K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities; and in many other careers.

  • Biology Department: Field Ecology Certificate

    Field Ecology Certificate

    The Field Ecology Certificate can fulfill the needs of agencies and private businesses, and non-profits for entry-level ecological and environmental technicians and field biologists. Entry-level jobs can be found in government resource agencies at the federal, state, and local levels and in private environmental consulting businesses and private non-profit environmental organizations.