Discipline Contacts

Find instructors who can provide insight and assistance in the various courses, for students with a wide variety of academic goals.

We strongly encourage students to seek out both general counseling and Biology Department instructors in planning their schedule of coursework.

General Education Students | Biology MajorsAllied Health StudentsField Ecology Students

General Education Students

Courses are offered to fill the science requirements of students who plan to obtain an Associates and/or Bachelors degree in a major other than biology.  These include a variety of courses from Contemporary Biology, to courses on infectious disease and world health, dinosaurs, ethnobotany, and ecology.

Instructors who can assist general education students with course selection
ProfessorBiology CoursesLillard Hall OfficePhoneEmail
Alexis Ackerman, Ph.D.BIOL 332LIH 106916-558-2387AckermA@scc.losrios.edu
Karen Carberry-Goh, D.V.M, Ph.D.BIOL 342LIH 108d916-558-2656CarberK@scc.losrios.edu
Paul deGennaro, Ph.D.BIOL 290LIH 108d916-558-2580deGennP@scc.losrios.edu
Gina Holland, Ph.D.BIOL 342LIH 106916-558-2389HollanG@scc.losrios.edu
Stephen C. James, M.S.BIOL 305, 350, 351, 352, 360, 370, BIOLFS 312LIH 108a916-650-2776JamesS@scc.losrios.edu
Kenneth Naganuma, Ph.D.BIOL 314/315LIH 108d916-558-2270NaganuK@scc.losrios.edu
Robin Roffey, Ph.D.BIOL 308/309LIH 108b916-558-2373RoffeyR@scc.losrios.edu
Lisa L. Serafini, M.S.BIOL 320, 321, 326/327, BIOLFS 350LIH 108c916-558-2388SerafiL@scc.losrios.edu
David Wyatt, M.S.BIOL 305, 330, 350, 360, 362, 364, 495, 498, BIOLFS 310, 311, 324, 495LIH 108a916-558-2406WyattD@scc.losrios.edu


Biology Majors

Majors courses are designed to meet the challenge of the growing body of knowledge in the biological sciences and preparing the student for a successful academic career in upper-division course work.

Instructors who can assist Biology Majors with course selection
ProfessorBiology CoursesLillard Hall OfficePhoneEmail
Alexis Ackerman, Ph.D.422106916-558-2387AckermA@scc.losrios.edu
Kenneth Naganuma, Ph.D.402, 422108d916-558-2270NaganuK@scc.losrios.edu
Robin Roffey, Ph.D.402, 422108b916-558-2373RoffeyR@scc.losrios.edu
Lisa L. Serafini, M.S.402, 422108c916-558-2388SerafiL@scc.losrios.edu

Allied Health Students

Sacramento City College offers microbiology, anatomy, and physiology courses to support nursing, dental assisting, and occupational and physical therapy assistant programs.

Instructors who can assist Allied Health Majors with course selection
ProfessorBiology CoursesLillard Hall OfficePhoneEmail
Palwasha Arya, M.S.BIOL 100, 430, 431LIH 108c916-558-2470AryaP@scc.losrios.edu
Karen Carberry-Goh, D.V.M, Ph.D.BIOL 440LIH108d916-558-2656CarberK@scc.losrios.edu
Paul deGennaro, Ph.D.BIOL 290, 430, 431LIH 108d916-558-2580deGennP@scc.losrios.edu
Andrea Greenwell, M.S.BIOL 100, 430, 431LIH 108b916-558-2208GreenwA@scc.losrios.edu
Gina Holland, Ph.D.BIOL 440LIH 106916-558-2389HollanG@scc.losrios.edu
Denise M. Johnson, M.S.BIOL 430, 431LIH 108c916-650-2707JohnsoDM@scc.losrios.edu
Jaime Sarte, M.S.BIOL 100, 430, 431, 434LIH 108b916-650-2716SarteJ@scc.losrios.edu

Field Ecology Students

This Certificate Program offers students courses that provide the student the training and education necessary to succeed in governmental agency and private businesses/non-profits that provide field ecology services.  The students will have the opportunity to learn ecological field methods including identification of general ecological principles, flora and fauna, quantitative assessment methods, wetland delineations, regulatory processes, restoration ecology, and geographic information systems.

Instructors who can assist Field ecology Majors with course selection
ProfessorBiology CoursesLillard Hall OfficePhoneEmail
Alexis Ackerman, Ph.D.BIOL 332LIH 106916-558-2387AckermA@scc.losrios.edu
Stephen C. James, M.S.BIOL 305, 350, 360, 362*, 370, BIOLFS 312LIH 108a916-650-2776JamesS@scc.losrios.edu
Lisa L. Serafini, M.S.BIOL 320, 321, 326/327, BIOLFS 350LIH 108c916-558-2388SerafiL@scc.losrios.edu
David Wyatt, M.S.BIOL 305, 330, 350, 360, 362*, 364, 495, 498, BIOLFS 310, 311, 324, 495LIH 108a916-558-2406WyattD@scc.losrios.edu

*Please see the Schedule of Classes or College Catalog for prerequisites for Biology 362 (Field Methods in Ecology) and 321 (Advanced Field Botany.)