Typing Test

Typing Test Policy and Guidelines Policy

Typing tests will be given in the Business Division Computer Lab, B151 by appointment only. This service is provided for Sacramento City College students currently enrolled in the Fall 2019 semester. Student/employee ID will be checked. Tests are unavailable when the lab closes on weekends and during school semester breaks.

Guidelines for the Certified Testing

  • Ten-minute warm-up
  • The timings are five minutes long
  • You will be given up to two attempts on each of two different timings. This results in up to four tries total.
  • The maximum number of errors allowed per timing is five. Letters of Certification are issued only for timings with five or fewer errors.
  • If you do not reach your goal in the four total tries you are given, you can set up an appointment to return for re-testing. A maximum of three testing visits is allowed even if you are attempting to get an additional letter of certification showing a higher score.
  • The Letter of Certification will be printed on Sacramento City College letterhead. It will include the following information:
    • Student’s or employee’s name
    • Length of the timing
    • Words per minute (WPM) typed
    • Number of errors made
    • Current date
    • Keyboarding staff’s name printed, signature, title, phone number, and e-mail address
  • When requesting an appointment by email, please include your student/employee ID number.

Contact Information

William Nguyen
Email: NguyenW@scc.losrios.edu