Accounting and Bookkeeping

What is Accounting and Bookkeeping? Bookkeepers and accounting clerks record daily financial transactions and can run reports of financial information for managers.  They spend most of their time at an office, frequently on a computer.  Opportunities are available both full- and part-time.  Accountants work more closely with budget and financial analysis, helping managers and owners to make informed business decisions.  Some specialties, such as auditing, can involve significant travel.  The stereotype of accountants as “bean-counters” has undergone major change as managers work side-by-side with accountants to develop new business opportunities.

Job Opportunities

Whether times are good or times are bad, business managers and owners need to know what the numbers are and how to interpret them.  That is why there are always jobs in accounting.  According to the latest surveys, there won’t be enough accountants to fill the available job openings for the next decade and beyond.  Jobs are available in public accounting firms, government, non-profits, corporations (both large and small), or even as an entrepreneur.  The possibilities are endless!  A Certificate or Associates degree in the accounting field will assist you in getting an entry-level job as a bookkeeper or an account clerk.  Continuing on to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s and becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) will help in getting a higher-paying job in accounting.

Necessary Skills

You don’t need to be a math genius to become a bookkeeper or accountant, but you do need to be comfortable working with numbers.  People in this field also need to be able to pay attention to details.  Depending on which path in accounting you may choose, you will also need good analytical skills to interpret what the numbers are saying, as well as good people skills to explain this interpretation to your client or manager and help them make informed decisions.

Pathways to Completion

Check out the different degree and certificate options below. Get an idea of what major-related courses you'd need to take each semester to graduate in two years. Meet with a counselor or chat with your professor to find out what the best option is for you.

  • Accounting

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  • Accounting Clerk

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  • Business Administration for Transfer

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  • Full Charge Bookkeeper

    The Full Charge Bookkeeper certificate program provides advanced occupational training in accounting and preparation for supervisory accounting positions. The program provides a strong background in financial and managerial accounting,… MORE >>