Management Program

Associate in Science Degree (AS)

Certificate of Achievement (COA)

The Associate in Science Degree program is designed for those who wish to progress to positions of responsibility and management in business.  Its strong management focus provides the knowledge and skills needed by managers in a wide variety of organizations.  Topics include management communication, human resources, organizational behavior, supervision, diversity management, business law, economics, finance, and business computer applications.

The Certificate of Achievement program is designed for those who wish to progress from entry-level positions to positions of responsibility in business and management. Topics include organizational behavior and human relations, supervision, and human resource management.

This program prepares students for supervisory and management positions in a wide variety of industries.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • analyze real or potential business problems and research, develop, evaluate, and test possible solutions using creativity, critical thinking, and technology skills.
  • compare, judge, and evaluate a variety of current management philosophies when applied to business management situations.
  • demonstrate individual responsibility, personal integrity, respect, and leadership skills and abilities that are effective in managing diverse people and cultures.
  • develop effective oral and written communication skills that can be applied in various business settings.
  • demonstrate the ability to comprehend, apply, and evaluate standards of ethical behavior in various business situations.
  • differentiate between the various career paths available in business management and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for a management career.
  • formulate original ideas and concepts in addition to integrating the ideas of others into the problem-solving process.

Associate in Science Degree

The Management Associate in Science (A.S.) degree may be obtained by completion of the required program, plus general education requirements, plus sufficient electives to meet a 60-unit total. See SCC graduation requirements.

Certificate of Achievement

A Certificate of Achievement may be obtained by completion of the required program with grades of “C” or better or equivalent.