What is Marketing? Marketing is so much more than simply advertising a product.  Marketing takes ownership of a product or service, discerns the customer’s wants and needs, and then translates those needs into a marketing strategy. A career in this field can translate into a variety of career paths, since this strategy can take a variety of forms.  Individuals in marketing positions spend at least part of the day in an office environment, working on projects and conducting research, as well as meeting with clients and coworkers.  Some marketing positions also have the possibility of substantial travel requirements.

Job Opportunities

Firms become more marketing-oriented every year. Careers include everything from advertising, international marketing, internet marketing, marketing research, product management, public relations, retail management, sales and sales management, services marketing, and social media marketing.  Every organization needs good marketing to survive and thrive, whether a small business, a non-profit organization, a government entity, or a Fortune 500 corporation.  Working in a large, international organization may even include the opportunity to travel or live abroad.  An Associate Degree in Business, Marketing, or Advertising will assist you in gaining an entry-level position and provides a solid foundation for pursuit of a Bachelor Degree in a similar field.  A Bachelor Degree is the minimum requirement for many marketing positions in larger organizations.  Depending on what specialty in marketing you want to focus on, a minor or a second major in Communication or Graphic Communication would be beneficial.

Necessary Skills

You’re a great match for this field if you are creative and have good problem solving and customer service skills.  The ability to communicate effectively is essential, so above average writing and speaking skills are highly desirable.  High-energy people who enjoy working with others will do well in this field.  It’s not unusual to find people in this field working long hours.  You must be able to meet goals and deadlines, as well as work well under pressure.  Computer skills are also becoming increasingly important as businesses rely more and more on technology and social media to get their message across to consumers.

Pathways to Completion

Check out the different degree and certificate options below. Get an idea of what major-related courses you'd need to take each semester to graduate in two years. Meet with a counselor or chat with your professor to find out what the best option is for you.

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