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  • Degrees

    • Office Administration, Virtual Office and Management Technologies, Level D
  • Certificates

    • Office Administration, Business Operations and Management Technology, Level C
    • Office Administration, Clerical General Office, Level A
    • Office Administration, Computer Keyboarding and Office Applications
    • Office Administration, Introduction to Computerized Office Technologies, Level B
    • Office Administration, Virtual Office and Management Technologies, Level D
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What is Office Administration? As a valuable member of a team, the office professional typically uses new technology to perform a wide variety of tasks.  Tasks are likely to involve communicating, organizing, researching, working on projects, coordinating activities, and integrating information for the organization’s internal and external needs.  Responsibilities may also include planning conferences, working with clients, and instructing staff.  Individuals work in professional office settings with flexible schedules:  part- to full-time employment, work in a virtual office, or opportunities owning your own virtual business are often available.

Job Opportunities

Organizations in every sector of the economy, whether public, private, or non-profit, need office professionals to maintain effective operations.  Specific classifications of employees include administrative assistants, clerks, and secretaries.  Employees generally advance by being promoted to other administrative positions with more responsibilities. Qualified administrative assistants who broaden their knowledge of a company’s operations and enhance their skills may be promoted to executive secretary or administrative assistant, clerical supervisor, or office manager.  Some Administrative Assistants even find work as a virtual assistant, owning an online, home-based business.  A Certificate in Office Administration will help you gain an entry-level position as a clerk, while an Associate Degree will assist in gaining a position as secretary or administrative assistant.  Continuing on to earn a Bachelor Degree in Business or Management will help in obtaining a higher-paying job in management with additional responsibility.

Necessary Skills

Today’s employers are increasingly seeking office professionals who are skilled in the areas of keyboarding and computer applications.  Proficiency in English, good spelling and grammar, and good communication skills are all required of the office professional.  Workers in this classification must be tactful in dealings with others.  They will often be called upon to use their customer service skills in their dealings with the public and coworkers.  Office professionals must be able to use discretion and exercise good judgment.  They should also have good organizational skills.  Initiative and the ability to work independently are especially important for higher-level administrative positions.  Office managers in particular must be flexible, detail-oriented, and able to make decisions regularly and quickly.

Pathways to Completion

Check out the different degree and certificate options below. Get an idea of what major-related classes you'd need to take each semester to graduate in two years. Meet with a counselor or chat with your professor to find out what the best option is for you.