Travel Procedures, Reimbursement, and Mileage Rate

College travel procedures include district policies on travel and reimbursement, forms to be completed, mileage rate, and processes to be followed in submitting and completing travel requests.

The Process

  1. Complete the Travel Justification Form.
  2. Complete The Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Claim form. This five part paper form is available from your division office. View a sample of this form.
    The form must be completed for all travel that involves reimbursement and for out of district travel regardless of whether reimbursement is requested. Please review the process for completing this form.

Travel Procedures Presentation (PDF)

Funding Options for Travel

  • You may qualify for Conference, workshop and travel (CWT) funds available through the Staff Resource Center. Learn about the process for applying for these funds.
  • Support for travel may be available from your divisions or from such categorical programs as Perkins. Please see your dean or supervisor for additional information.

Travel Reimbursement/Mileage Rate Information

  • For specific information on the amount and allowable reimbursement expenses, please view the District regulations on travel and reimbursement.
  • The current IRS travel reimbursement for business-related travel (A.K.A. mileage rate) is $.535 per mile.

Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Processes

The following flowcharts describe both the Travel Authorization and Travel Reimbursement Claim Processes.

Travel Authorization Process

Travel Authorization Process (PDF)

SCC Travel Authorization

Please allow sufficient time to obtain approvals for travel. Up to 8 weeks may be needed to process all college/district approvals and when requesting prepays and/or cash advances.

Travel Reimbursement Claim Process

Travel Reimbursement Claim Process (PDF)

SCC Travel Authorization Process

Travel Claims and expenditure support documents are due to the Business Office 3 working days following return of travel