Safety Tips

At nearly 22,000 students, Sacramento City College, like other campuses, functions like a small city. The same safety precautions taken in an urban area should be taken on campus to keep safe. Below are safety tips from the Los Rios Police Department at SCC (SCC College Police Department).

  • Use the buddy system and the shuttle service when going to and from college parking lots.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks with personal safety. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Report all suspicious persons or incidents to College Police ( 916-558-2221 or email ).
  • Always safeguard and secure your personal belongings.
  • Request safety lecture for crime prevention techniques and recent incident/crime trends’ information.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. If unable to secure valuables, make sure they are not in view.
  • Lock your vehicle and close all windows of the vehicle.
  • If possible, secure steering wheel with steering lock.
  • If possible, invest in anti-theft vehicle alarm system.
  • Please park in college parking lots. They are much safer.