free shuttle services graphicThere is a free evening on-campus shuttle service provided for SCC students, staff, and faculty who park on campus.

The Shuttle is equipped to transport a wheelchair.

Days and Times


5:00pm-11:00pm every 20 minutes

Hours will be adjusted according to ridership.


  • Shuttle can only transport 6 passengers, or 4 passengers and one wheelchair, per stop.
  • Wait until the shuttle comes to a full stop before boarding or exiting.
  • Carry-ons go on laps. Strollers should be folded and kept close to the parent. Children should sit on the seat and remain seated while the shuttle is moving.
  • No bicycles, smoking, or horseplay allowed.
  • Driver reserves the right to refuse service to disruptive passengers.

Shuttle Stops

There are seven designated Shuttle Stops. they are located at:

  • The Parking Lot between Rodda North and Student Services
  • The Panther Statue
  • The West Lot, close to the Temp. 1 Disabled Parking
  • The North Lot by the ticket machines
  • Inside the Parking Structure close to Disabled Parking
  • The Business Building drop-off area
  • The C Lot (behind the LRC)

Click on the map below for a larger version.

shuttle bus stops