Student Standard of Conduct

College students have the same rights as other members of the community and are accountable to the same federal and state laws and statutes. In addition, SCC students are accountable to Los Rios Board Policies and Regulations and SCC Rules and Regulations. The following Code of Conduct has been adopted by SCC from the LRCCD Board Policies and Regulations to protect the rights and privileges of students and to allow the college to function properly.

LRCCD Board Policies and Regulations: P-2000 Student, P-2400 Student Rights and Responsibilities, P-2441 Standards of Conduct.

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Student Grievance Process

From the Student Code of Conduct, Section IV:


A. Steps in the Grievance process may include the following:

I. A student fills out the Los Rios Community College District Student Grievance Form.
II. A student makes an appointment with the Student Grievance Officer and is given a card showing the date/time. (Steps a. and b. can occur at the same time.) A student may leave the office to complete the paperwork and then come back to submit the forms and request an appointment.
III. A student may be seen immediately when necessary and possible, as evaluated by the Student Grievance Officer.
IV. After the initial meeting with the student, there is a meeting with the individual against whom the grievance is filed — whether that person is another student, a faculty member, or a staff member. Resolution is sought at this local level.
V. When a complaint involves sexual harassment or discrimination, while attempts are made to resolve the concern locally, District Office processes will be