Student Standard of Conduct and Civility

Dear Scholar:

The majority of Sacramento City College students follow the Student Standard of Conduct, and are respectful and collegial in our learning community. Unfortunately, due to recent events on campus related to student behavior, we have experienced an increase in the number of discipline cases; and, as a result, the college has taken necessary steps to address these issues, including creating an institutional civility campaign.

In creating the civility campaign, we are mindful that Sacramento City College seeks to create a learning community that celebrates diversity, nurtures personal growth, and inspires academic and economic leadership.  Its history is filled with examples of extraordinary people facing and surmounting exceptional challenges, while making huge contributions to the college, the local community, and society at large.  As a result of our illustrious history, each member of the student body inherits a legacy of excellence, great expectation and responsibilities, which students are expected to adhere to as they start their journey at SCC.

In fact, at Sacramento City College, excellence is not only valued and expected; it is a way of life. We, as an institution, have successfully and positively etched our name and reputation into the fabric of our community.  However, this reputation demands much responsibility, particularly when it comes to proper and acceptable behavior. The expectations are, indeed, high.

These recent inappropriate incidents and behaviors have no place on this campus. They are inconsistent with the college’s mission, self-perception, sense of pride, history, and legacy.  What legacy will you leave for future SCC students when you graduate? Will it be a stellar legacy of extraordinary academic, personal, and social accomplishments that identify you as truly exceptional, diligent, and hard working? Or will it be a blemished legacy associated with your personal appearance, dress, conversation, and lack of pride and dignity.

In sum, as a SCC student, always be aware of the fact that appropriate behavior on campus and within the college community is expected; it should complement your academic performance. In fact, both should be seen as one and the same, not separate.  Never forget your goals and objectives for being here; and, directly related, always be mindful of the legacy you wish to leave for those who will follow in your footsteps.

Familiarize yourself with SCC’s policies and expectations and the consequences of not meeting those expectations, including possible suspension and expulsion from the Los Rios Community College District.  To be well informed, see the Student Standard of Conduct (PDF) and browse the various resources in the column on your left.


Michael Poindexter, Vice President

Student Services