Explore who you are and what you enjoy!  The SCC Career Center offers a variety of assessments to help guide your self-exploration process.

Assessment Tools


This is a career discovery tool.  Learn how your values, skills, and interests can help guide your career path.  This is an interactive card sort.  Our career advisers work with you to create a deeper understanding of self.

Self-Directed Search®

Fit your interests with occupational environments.  Interests and occupations are sorted into the six themes developed by John Holland. This assessment helps you identify your preferred areas of interest to then match to possible occupations.

Major Finder

An informal assessment using Holland’s six interest themes to match with SCC majors and certificate programs.

Values-Driven Work

Clarify your values to make career and life choices that will help you thrive.  Your core values make up who you are.  Getting in touch with these will help you prioritize and make appropriate choices for developing a satisfying life.

True Colors®

An easy to understand way to learn about your personality styles.   Uses the vibrant colors of Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange, come to the Career Center and find out what your True Colors are.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)®

Take your understanding of personalty deeper using one of the most widely used tools for understanding personalty differences.  Learn your preferences and which of the 16 types best fit you.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII)®

A formal assessment that uses Holland’s six themes to categorize interests and related occupations.  Compares your interests with people who are satisfied working in a variety of occupations. Designed to guide career choice by exposing career paths to consider and explore which relate to interests.