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District Maintains Responsible Fiscal Approach to Benefit Students

In a world of constant financial uncertainty, the Los Rios Community College District has maintained its long-held prudent fiscal approach, enabling the District to operate without disruption and deftly respond to changing conditions. Under the leadership of the District’s Board of Trustees and with the support of faculty and staff, the District continues to put students first by providing the resources necessary to establish effective pathways for their success. Consistent financial practices and innovative solutions have established the framework necessary for the District to remain financially solvent and able to adjust to unforeseen or unplanned circumstances.

Due to this responsible budgeting approach, the District has one of the highest bond credit ratings in the state. During the last recession, Los Rios was among only a handful of educational institutions around the state to avoid significant cuts to services, thanks to this focus on financial stewardship.  These outcomes are the result of best practices that the District has and will continue to employ, modifying as necessary. Effectively and efficiently spending public resources to benefit students and the greater community remains a top priority for District leadership, who understand that sound financial planning allows for investment in the people that make our colleges thrive.

Photo of the Learning Resource Center

Sacramento City College and the entire Los Rios Community College District is in the process of completing a complex and thorough facilities master planning process. During the process, it has become clear that current identified priorities lean heavily toward modernization of Sacramento City College and District systems as opposed to constructing new facilities, with an emphasis on creating adaptable learning spaces. Upgrading existing facilities to become more flexible will enable Sacramento City College the District to do more with less by efficiently using current space. By building smarter and creating classrooms and other learning environments that can easily be reconfigured to serve additional purposes, Sacramento City College and the District can better adapt and respond to the needs of its faculty and student populations. A large component of the updated Plan will also cover actions that promote water and energy sustainability and conservation as Sacramento City College and the District strive to achieve a zero net energy target.

The final Plan will be made available upon completion.


Funding Campus Improvements

Los Rios will use a mixture of state and District bond funds to design and construct buildings outlined in the facilities master plan. Historically, the District has been able to leverage local bond funds by successfully competing for state matching funds. Over the past two decades, Los Rios has brought over $100 million in matching funds back to the Sacramento region through effective planning. We will continue this practice in the interest of being prudent with local resoruces.

Panther Softball player mid throw

Panther Baseball advances to the Final Four with a third-game win over Ohlone.

Panther Softball falls to San Joaquin and places 5th in the state overall.

Panther Baseball continues to battle for a trip to the Championship with their third game against Ohlone 11:30 AM on Monday, May 20 at Sac City.

Sac City Softball took a win over Sierra last weekend to advance and will open up against the top team in the South (Mt. San Antonio) when the State Championships begin on Thursday in Bakersfield!

Panther Baseball will also advance after winning against San Mateo 8-6. We will host Ohlone next weekend in the NorCal Finals at the U! Come out and cheer on your team for their home game!!

Last weekend, in the first round of the CCCAA playoffs Panther Softball swept Shasta 2-0 to advance and Panther Baseball swept Taft 2-0 to advance. GO PANTHERS!

SCC will once again be hosting playoff series so don’t miss the chance to cheer on your Panthers this week:

Softball: SCC (#4 seed) vs Sierra (#5 seed)

  • Fri, 5/10, at SCC: 2 pm start
  • Sat, 5/11, at SCC: 12 Noon start; Game 3 (if needed) to follow 30 minutes after completion of prior game

Winner advances to CCCAA State Championship the following weekend

Baseball: SCC (#4 seed) vs College of San Mateo (#7 seed)

  • Thur, 5/9, at SCC: 3 pm start
  • Fri, 5/10, at SCC: 3 pm start
  • Sat, 5/11 (if needed), at SCC: 1 pm start

Winner advances to CCCAA Nor Cal finals the following weekend

Both our Baseball and Softball teams have qualified for CCCAA postseason and have been ranked high enough in Northern California to host the first round of playoffs, as follows:

Softball (finished as co-champion of the Big 8 and seeded #4 in Northern California):

  • Shasta at SCC (SCC Softball Stadium)
  • Game 1: Fri, 5/3/19, 2 pm
  • Game 2: Sat, 5/4/19, 12 pm
  • Game 3 (if needed): Sat, 5/4/19, 30 minutes after completion of Game 2
  • We will need to win two rounds of playoffs in order to advance to the Softball State Championship 5/16-5/19/19. If SCC wins the series vs Shasta, we would host another series the following weekend.

Baseball (#4 seed in Northern California):

  • Taft at SCC (Union Stadium)
  • Game 1: Fri, 5/3/19, 4 pm
  • Game 2: Sat, 5/4/19, 1 pm
  • Game 3 (if needed): Sat, 5/4/19, 45 minutes after completion of Game 2
  • We will need to win three rounds of playoffs in order to advance to the Baseball State Championship 5/25-5/27/19. If SCC wins the series vs Taft, we would host another series the following weekend.

Congratulations to coach Sullivan and the baseball student-athletes, along with coach Kiernan and the Softball student-athletes for making the playoffs and for their high seeds (18 teams from the North make the Baseball and SB playoffs)!

Additional information and results will be available on the Athletics website.

Panther mascot standing on large planter in the quad, with arms outstretched, looking jubilant

Facilities planning is a critical piece of the Sacramento City College and Los Rios Community College District’s overall educational planning process that allows the us to periodically evaluate conditions, identify needs and adjust accordingly to promote continued success.

The college and District are currently in the process of updating our 2010 Facilities Master Plan, with a final product anticipated this summer. The Plan will address new construction and the modernization of existing space for continued or new purposes. Facilities planning throughout the District is a continuous, carefully executed operation that takes into account several factors including current and anticipated student populations, and facility functions and capacities.

Working collaboratively with leadership, academic department heads and faculty members from SCC and Districtwide, architects and staff have gathered input regarding facilities needs and improvements to help create a plan that will ultimately be presented to the District for consideration. By engaging a diverse group of campus representatives with on-the-ground experience, the updated Plan will reflect current priorities, align with student needs and better respond to a dynamic learning environment.

For additional information on the facilities master planning process, please contact the SCC facilities office.

Winners of the Students of Distinction award stand on the Quad steps with staff, faculty and administrators

Students of Distinction are nominated by faculty and staff for excelling in one of the following categories: Academic Merit, Campus and/or Community Service, Academic Persistence while Overcoming Adversity, and Social Justice.

This year, 56 Panthers were recognized for their outstanding achievements at the “Students of Distinction Awards” program and luncheon on Friday, May 3, 2019  in the City College-City Café.

Here is a little more about what each award means:

Academic: Academic Merit

This award recognizes students for their integration of high academic standing (3.0 GPA) with other aspects of their lives, which may include leadership, community involvement, arts, athletics, employment, etc.

Service: Campus and/or Community Service

This award recognizes students who have demonstrated strong leadership and performed significant service through campus participation and/or community service, while maintaining good academic standing.

Personal: Overcoming Adversity

This award recognizes students who have demonstrated academic persistence and tenacity, while contending with severe hardships and challenges.

Social Justice: Cross-Cultural Engagement & Social Justice

This award recognizes students who have actively developed, promoted and participated in campus and/or community programs dedicated to cross-cultural engagement and social justice, while maintaining good academic standing.

Photo of Alex White holding award, standing next to Assemblyman Kevin McCarty and others

SCC English Professor Alexandria White, who also works with Umoja students, has received the Unsung Hero Award from the California Legislative Black Caucus.

Alex moved to Sacramento from Oakland 2 1/2 years ago to buy a home for and raise her family. We asked her to talk about the work she is doing that is receiving recognition in the community.

Are you from the Sacramento area?

I am originally from the Bay Area, specifically from Oakland. I attended San Francisco State University as an undergraduate where I studied abroad to the United Kingdom and earned a B.A. in Creative Writing/English.  I later attended UCSC for an M.A. in Literature. I focused on postcolonial literature and literature of the African diaspora.

What drew you to Sacramento City College to teach?

I moved to the Oak Park area from Oakland two & half years ago to buy an affordable home for my family. Our house in Oakland was being sold and I was pregnant again (we had a son who was 3 at the time), so we had to make a tough decision about where to move. I had been adjuncting at 3 Bay Area schools up until that point, but I knew that could not sustain that level of work with a toddler, new born and the possibility of our rent being doubled or tripled due to crazy Bay Area rental prices.  We decided to leave the Bay Area as renters and move to the State Capitol as homeowners. When we got to Sacramento I did not work because my baby was literally two days old and I planned on staying home with her for at least a year to breastfeed and bond with her. I had my mind and heart set on SCC as soon as I knew we were planning on moving here; and it just so turned out that our new house was literally 2 miles away!!!

Can you tell us more about your work in the Oak Park community? When you started?

Since I was new to the area and a new homeowner who didn’t know anyone in Sacramento, I  started attending neighborhood association meetings where I quickly became involved in community engagement and neighborhood improvement projects (2016).

I helped to organize a park party at our neighborhood park; then later our neighborhood was selected to receive a $90,000 grant from Kaiser to update and beautify the park. The caveat was that someone from the neighborhood had to be involved in all aspects of the project: 1.) weekly planning calls with  South Gate Parks & Rec, Kaiser (fiscal sponsor) & Kaboom (the non profit playground specialists); 2) canvassing the community to participate in the design day; 3) volunteering to actually help build the play structure; 4) regularly organizing activities, park clean ups & events at the park to help maintain and take care of the park.

We are currently installing a beautiful mural at the park and we are planning for our annual park party which has evolved into a 3-on-3 basketball tournament with free food and prizes to the community members who attend.

What inspires you about your work in the community?

I love interacting with others and learning more about people’s stories. I needed a community for myself and my family for my own sense of wellbeing. Additionally, I hate accepting society’s ills and I feel obligated to be the change I want to see in the world.  I want to set a good example for my children and my students about civic engagement and feeling empowered to transform themselves and their communities.  Many people of color are living in communities with a history of redlining, neglect and disinvestment–I feel personally obligated to address those historical inequities in the best way I can. Working with a neighborhood association and a group of likeminded people is much more impactful than working as an individual.

Photo of the three friends standing together with big smiles outside on the SCC Quad; the ground is wet from an earlier rain fall

Alejandra Duran, Yesenia Velazco and Julio Zamarripa never expected to go to college, much less work at one.

The three friends, each the first in their family to attend college, met at Sacramento City College through the Puente Project. Puente’s mission is to increase the number of underrepresented Mexican-American and Latino students who transfer to four-year colleges and universities, earn their college degrees, and return to their communities as mentors to future generations.

As the youngest of five siblings, Alejandra struggled with choosing to go to college over the cultural expectation that she would stay home and help with the family.

“That was hard for me because I’m very selfless, so I wanted to stay home, but I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone in order to grow,” Alejandra said.

“I was not thinking about college at all,” said Yesenia, who only signed up for SCC classes because a high school friend didn’t want to do it alone. “I knew I loved school and I knew I loved learning. But as a first generation student, I didn’t know how to get into college or what kind of resources were available.”

Having all transferred to UC Riverside and now with their undergraduate degrees in hand, they find themselves working in similar positions at different UC campuses, assisting new students through the admissions process. Alejandra is at UC Merced, Yesenia at UC Riverside, and Julio is at UC Santa Barbara.

Recently, they returned to SCC to participate in a transfer workshop representing the universities where they work. For the reunited friends, being back on campus brought back fond memories.

“As we were passing by the cafeteria, we were saying, ‘Remember we used to sit in that corner?’ That was our hangout spot two years ago,” Julio recalled.

This fall, Alejandra and Yesenia started the graduate program in career counseling at Sacramento State and Julio began working toward his master’s in educational counseling at the University of Laverne. However, for these friends, SCC will always be a place to call home.