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Student sits in front of and is using the airplane simulator that has a full dashboard of buttons and multiple screens that replicate looking out an airplane window.

Looking for an exciting, well-paying career in aviation? Check out the Air Traffic Control degree and the Aircraft Dispatcher degree and certificate now being offered that the Sacramento City College Davis Center!

Pursue either of these Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved programs and take advantage of the modern and classroom and student spaces available at the Davis Center.

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SCC Cyber Security Summer Camps 2019

Sacramento City College Cyber Security summer camp, for local youth entering the 7th-12th grades, encourages exploration of cyber security as well as the degrees and career paths available at the college level.

Los Rios Community College campuses served up to 10 days of camp this season, with a morning session and an afternoon sessions each day. The camps teach students important skills in cyber safety and cybersecurity principles that are relevant to everyday life. It also highlights some of the cyber threats posed to individuals and the importance of investigation agencies for cyber-attacks. Students receive software and a hands-on curriculum kit to learn about cyber safety, cyber ethics, and critical network security skills such as hacking prevention, system hardening, access control, and system protection. The value of cyber security education is crucial for personal as well as professional needs.

Institutions such as the government, military, education, financial, and medical possess exceptional amounts of sensitive data on computers. Methods of intrusions evolve as technology does so, consequently, demands for cyber security agencies have an upward outlook. Professionals measure and protect organizational networks and systems from the  continual intrusion of ransomware and call for expansion of responsibilities from employees. Well-qualified cyber security candidates are constantly sought after in a large variety of fields as cyber threats ascend. The SCC Cyber Security Summer Camps provide an educated and security-minded base for future matured cyber defense programs along with other cyber security measures that all citizens can benefit from.

Learn more about Sacramento City College’s Computer Information Science degrees and programs including the Information Systems Security degree and certificate.

SCC’s new Fundamentals of Computer Numerical Control (ET 299) course will give you a broad overview of the CNC process and teach you the skills to take an idea from concept to completion.

Employers across the Sacramento region are looking for employees with the skills to run Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines that produce metal, wood and plastic parts for all kinds of products – things like your smartphone and Ikea furniture all use CNC produced parts!


SCC’s new Fundamentals of Computer Numerical Control (ET 299) course

During the class you will learn to program PCNC 440 and MDX-50 machines. After successfully completing this course, you will be prepared to apply for an entry-level position as a CNC Machine Operator.

The final day of this course will include an in-class CNC job fair. Employers from Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative will visit the campus to interview graduating students for open positions in their organization.

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SCC’s new Fundamentals of Computer Numerical Control (ET 299)

Are you a new student at Sacramento City College? If so, you are invited to attend Freshmen Welcome 2019.

Freshmen Welcome is a great opportunity to meet your peers, connect with the campus community, and learn strategies for college success.  Hundreds of new students will be attending on-campus workshops to prepare for the upcoming semester at SCC, followed by a free barbecue and Resource Fair in the quad.

You can select Tuesday, August 13th or Wednesday, August 14th to attend. This event runs between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Register online!

Click here to view SCC Campus Map and check-in spot.

Photo of Coach Gales standing and talking in center of loose huddle of young wrestling athletes
Marques Gales will be coming to Sacramento City College from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, where he has been the Head Wrestling Coach since 2013. He also taught Fitness courses at Trinity and was the Executive Director of the Connecticut Chapter of Beat The Streets Wrestling – a non-profit organization centered on youth wrestling, physical activity, community service and community collaboration. Marques was named as the 2014 NCAA Division III Rookie Head Coach of the Year while at Trinity, coached 3 National Qualifiers, and 6 Scholar All-Americans.
Prior to Trinity, He was an Assistant Coach at Springfield College in Massachusetts, where he coached 6 All-Americans, including a Division III National Champion and received his M.S. in Sport and Exercise Psychology. He received his B.S. in Kinesiology, Physical Education from San Francisco State University, where he was a 2-time Regional Place-winner, Division II National Qualifier, and Scholar All-American. In addition, he received an A.S. from Santa Rosa Junior College, where he was also a 2-time Junior College State Place-winner, Scholar All-American, and Team Captain.  He is a native of Fairfield and attended Armijo HS.
When asked how he felt about being the next Wrestling Coach at Sac City, Marques responded, “I am extremely grateful and excited for the opportunity to become the next Head Wrestling Coach at Sac City. I’d like to thank President Michael Guttierez, Athletic Director Mitch Campbell, Former Head Coach Dave Pacheco, and the rest of the Hiring Committee for believing in my vision for the future of the wrestling program and KHA department. It is an honor to be at the helm of a program with such a storied history and I am looking forward to continually build on the successful foundation set by Coach Pacheco.”
Local high school students pose with RISE banners outside on a nice sunny day

On May 1 and May 2, the Jr. RISE program held their first annual “Signing Day” for more than 200 Luther Burbank and Hiram Johnson High School students entering California Community Colleges. Students were full of joy and appreciation as they celebrated a victory they may not have envisioned as an 11th grader. Parents and teachers came out to celebrate and pat each other on the back for a job well done. Administrators also came out to celebrate and give words of wisdom and encouragement.

Jr. RISE, the high school branch of RISE, supports at-risk students to graduate from high school and successfully transition into community college. Jr. RISE outreach staff and adjunct counselors assist students daily with tutoring, academic counseling, after-school college prep classes, and college applications.

On campus at Sac City, RISE continues the support by welcoming students into an academic family environment that connects them to various academic support services including EOPS, Puente, UMOJA, SAGE, Transfer Center, Career Center, MESA, SESI, and DSPS. RISE strives to expose students to transfer opportunities and employment opportunities while they work towards their academic and career goals.

District Maintains Responsible Fiscal Approach to Benefit Students

In a world of constant financial uncertainty, the Los Rios Community College District has maintained its long-held prudent fiscal approach, enabling the District to operate without disruption and deftly respond to changing conditions. Under the leadership of the District’s Board of Trustees and with the support of faculty and staff, the District continues to put students first by providing the resources necessary to establish effective pathways for their success. Consistent financial practices and innovative solutions have established the framework necessary for the District to remain financially solvent and able to adjust to unforeseen or unplanned circumstances.

Due to this responsible budgeting approach, the District has one of the highest bond credit ratings in the state. During the last recession, Los Rios was among only a handful of educational institutions around the state to avoid significant cuts to services, thanks to this focus on financial stewardship.  These outcomes are the result of best practices that the District has and will continue to employ, modifying as necessary. Effectively and efficiently spending public resources to benefit students and the greater community remains a top priority for District leadership, who understand that sound financial planning allows for investment in the people that make our colleges thrive.

Photo of the Learning Resource Center

Sacramento City College and the entire Los Rios Community College District is in the process of completing a complex and thorough facilities master planning process. During the process, it has become clear that current identified priorities lean heavily toward modernization of Sacramento City College and District systems as opposed to constructing new facilities, with an emphasis on creating adaptable learning spaces. Upgrading existing facilities to become more flexible will enable Sacramento City College the District to do more with less by efficiently using current space. By building smarter and creating classrooms and other learning environments that can easily be reconfigured to serve additional purposes, Sacramento City College and the District can better adapt and respond to the needs of its faculty and student populations. A large component of the updated Plan will also cover actions that promote water and energy sustainability and conservation as Sacramento City College and the District strive to achieve a zero net energy target.

The final Plan will be made available upon completion.

Funding Campus Improvements

Los Rios will use a mixture of state and District bond funds to design and construct buildings outlined in the facilities master plan. Historically, the District has been able to leverage local bond funds by successfully competing for state matching funds. Over the past two decades, Los Rios has brought over $100 million in matching funds back to the Sacramento region through effective planning. We will continue this practice in the interest of being prudent with local resources.