Online Application Process

To be considered for enrollment in the Sacramento City College Child Development Center (SCC CDC), we must determine your family’s eligibility.

Enrollment eligibility is determined by the State Department of Education “Funding Terms and Conditions Program Requirements.”  In order to put your name on the eligibility list, you must provide verification of your family’s current income source(s).

Enrollment is based on an admission priority ranking system determined by the Department of Education. Ranking is based on gross monthly family income and family size.

Please complete the following forms:

  1. Family Enrollment Information
  2. Family Income Declaration Form
  3. Required Documentation for Income Other than Employment or Self-Employment with supporting documentation (i.e. Cal WORKs printout, Financial Aid Award Letter, etc.).
  4. Required Documentation for Income from Employment and/or Self-Employment with supporting documentation (i.e. 3 most recent months of pay stubs, self-employment records etc.).

Once you have completed the required forms, print and submit your application and all supporting documents to the Child Development Center office between the hours of 8:30-4:30, Monday through Friday.

You will be notified if and when care is available for your child(ren). At that point, additional paperwork is required to complete the enrollment process; those forms may be picked up at the SCC CDC during regular office hours.

If there are any changes to your information (income, address, telephone number, etc.) it is your responsibility to inform the Child Development Center as soon as possible. Inability to contact you, either by phone or mail, will result in your name being removed from the list.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 916-558-2542.