Applying for Strong Workforce – Local Funds

Local Strong Workforce Applications for Sacramento City College

Round 3, July 2018 to December 2020

Application Deadline Is Sep 4, 2018

  • Applications are created in NOVA.  For first time users, of the NOVA system, please contact the and provide the necessary information. Access to NOVA and a password with then be created for you.
  • Any proposal in the NOVA system may be accessed by clicking on ‘Local Share or Regional Share Projects in the left-hand navigation window.
  • SCC’s proposals may be accessed by selecting SCC in the institution drop-down menu.
  • Create a user account and password in Launchboard at This website will provide information to determine outcome metrics.
  • Funding requests can be made for industry sectors, across College Career Education, or for a specific program.
  • For new funding requests for a specific program, complete the Labor Market (LMI) Request form and submit to your Dean/Manager.
  • Dean/Manager forwards an LMI request to Gabriel Meehan, AVP for submission to the Center of Excellence (COE) for labor market data.
  • The COE returns LMI within one week indicating that the project is fundable or not fundable.
  • While waiting for the LMI report, begin the application process in NOVA.
  • Input project title, start date, end date, # of years, project description, and the rationale for the project. Contact information for the project lead as well as other contact information for the lead institution and other participating institutions.
  • Select the projects that meet the intent of the 25 SWP task force recommendations (i.e. increasing CE enrollments that lead to successful workforce outcomes)

Strong Workforce Task Force Recommendations

  • Input LMI, outcome metrics, Task Force recommendations, work plan and budget by object codes.
  • Refer to the Local Share Manual (link on NOVA) for instructions on how to complete the plan.
  • ‘Email Preview PDF’ from the preview tab to Gabriel Meehan, AVP for College Approval and submission to District Office.
  • For users who wish to request funds for an existing application, ask the AVP to un-certify the application.
  • Then update the existing project application with start date, end date, # of years the project will run. Then complete the budget information by object code with the funding request for the year of application.
  • If funds requested exceed funds available, the requests will be ranked based on an ability to meet SWP outcomes as well as submission date.
  • The AVP notifies the relevant dean or manager when the proposal is certified and requests a budget spreadsheet by account codes based on the application in NOVA.

If funds are requested for a full-time position there will be an additional review process at the college and at the District.  This will delay your application process by several weeks.