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Stay focused by earning college credit while in high school through articulated or advanced education courses!

Articulated Courses

An articulated high school course has been reviewed by SCC faculty and determined to be comparable to an SCC course.  Students who take an articulated high school course and earn an “A” or “B” are eligible to have this course grade posted to their official SCC college transcript with a note: “credit by exam—high school articulation.”  No unit fee is charged.

Through articulation, students in local high schools earn college credit at SCC in Computer Animation, Digital Imaging, Microcomputer Support and Maintenance, Networking Technologies, and in Videogame and Web Design.

High School Articulation by District and School

Advanced Education Courses

An advanced education course is a community college course taught by a community college instructor, taken by high school students at the college or at the high school. The grades students earn in the course are posted to their official SCC college transcript. No unit fee is charged.

Through enrollment in advanced education courses, high school students at Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School earn college credit in AH 110: Medical Language for Health Care Providers, while students at Rosemont High School earn college credit in Geol 302: Physical Geology.

Contact your high school counselor or instructor for information about these opportunities to earn tuition-free college credit!

Marvin's TV Trouble by Cameron Pon

Watch high school student Cameron Pon’s award-winning video created in instructor Brad Clark’s Animation 2 course at Franklin High School.  This course is articulated with SCC’s GCOM 400: Introduction to the Principles of Animation taught by Patrick Crandley. [2:43]

High School Excellence Award National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences; 1st Place 3D Category -Walt Disney Family Museum Teen Animation Festival; Technical Arts Award – California Student Media Festival; 1st Place Art-in-Motion Festival