SCC Chemistry Alumni

Former students of the Sacramento City College Department of Chemistry

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Jonathan Teeple

two people in marine uniformsJonathan Teeple attended SCC from 2011-2013. Before SCC, he was a marine who worked with bomb-sniffing dogs. He transferred to UC Davis and earned his B.S. in Animal Sciences. He is in the process of earning his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State. Jonathan was one of the firsts students to participate in our undergraduate research program.

Ian Rojas

picture of Ian RojasIan Rojas attended SCC from 2005-2006. From there he transferred to UC Davis and earned his B.S. in Human Development and Psychology. After that he earned his Pharm. D. from Western University of Health Sciences.  He is a pharmacist in the Hayward area.

Nadine Brinton

picture of Nadine BrintonNadine Brinton attended SCC in 2005-2006 after serving in the military. In 2009, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nutrition. Two years later she received her certification in The Kalish Method of Functional Medicine. In 2012, Dr. Brinton graduated as valedictorian and with magna cum laude honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic, West. She also hold a certification as a level one CrossFit instructor because knowing and teaching functional movement is a key element to being a doctor of the human body. For more information about her path from the military to chiropractor, see her website.

Melissa Kuhl

picture of Melissa KuhlMelissa Kuhl attended SCC from 2005-2007 and earned her A.S. of Science in Chemistry. After that she earned her B.S. in Psychology from UC Davis and her M.A. in Psychology from Sacramento State. She  now works as a Mental Health Clinician at La Familia Counseling Center.

Anthony Zamora

picture of anthony zamoraAnthony Zamora attended SCC  from 2005 -2006. He transferred to Sacramento State before completing his Ph.D. in Immunology at UC Davis. He is currently working for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.

Francisco Solorio

picture of Francisco Solorio

Francisco Solorio attended SCC from 2005-2006. He then transferred to UC Berkeley. He recently graduated from medical school at the University of Michigan where he mentored another one of our SCC students, Xavier Garcia, during a summer research program. Francisco is now a resident in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Toledo. Here are a couple of items about Francisco’s educational path: an article from the Biology Scholars Program at UC Berkeley and a presentation from the UC Davis Pre-Health Alliance.

Winny Fam

photo of Winny Fam

Winny Fam attended SCC from 2005-2007. She then transferred to UC Berkeley and earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2009. From there, she obtained her M.S. in Chemical Engineering from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in 2010. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Her thesis work involves Investigation of polymeric integrally skinned and thin film composite gas separation membranes for CO2 capture.

Sogol Moghadam

photo of Sogol Moghadam

Sogol Moghadam attended SCC in 2005. She then transferred to UC Davis and obtained her B.S. in Biotechnology in 2008. While simultaneously attending Pharmacy School at California Northstate College of Pharmacy, she also earned her Master’s in Public Health from Trident University International in 2012. Sogol graduated from pharmacy school in 2013 and works as a Pharmacy Manager for CVS.

Alexander “Lex” Mitchell

photo of Alexander "Lex" Mitchell

Alexander “Lex” Mitchell attended SCC in 2005. He transferred to Sacramento State and earned his B.S. in Chemistry in 2008. Since then, he has worked at the California Air Resources Board. Initially, he worked as an Air Pollution Specialist. Currently, Lex serves as the Manager of the Emerging Technology Section.

Rebecca Tsang

photo of Rebecca Tsang

Rebecca Tsang graduated Summa Cum Laude from SCC in 2005 with her A.S.  in Chemistry, From there, she went on to graduate from Sacramento State with a B.S. in Geology and a M.S. in Geology from San Diego State in Geology. She currently works for the Gemological Institute of America as a Staff Gemologist in the Identification department. As such, she uses spectroscopy to help her identify and gems and the treatments to which they’ve been subjected.

Erin Mintline

photo of Erin Mintline in front of animal pen

Erin Mintline attended SCC in 2005. She then transferred to UC Davis and earned her B.S. in Animal Science and her M.S. in Animal Behavior and Ethology. She now works as a Staff Research Associate at UC Davis.

Osvaldo Gutierrez

photo of Osvaldo Gutierrez

Osvaldo Gutierrez attended Sacramento City College in 2005. He graduated from UCLA, got his M.S. at UCLA, got his Ph.D. from UC Davis, and completed a post-doc at the University of Pennsylvania. He is now a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Maryland doing research on Mechanistic Organometallic Chemistry, Supramolecular Catalyst Design, and Biomimetic Chemistry.

Shayne Haynes

photo of Shayne Haynes

Shayne Haynes attended SCC in 2004. He graduated from Stanford and then attended medical school at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He now works in Family Medicine at Valley Family Residency Program in Washington.

Andrea Streiber

photo of Andrea Streiber

Andrea Streiber attended SCC in 2004. She then transferred to UCLA for her B.A. in Psychology. Currently, she is Director of Bookings at Smashbox Studios in LA.

Nathan Schley

photo of Nathan Schley sitting at desk

Nathan Schley attended SCC in 2004. He graduated from UC Davis, attended graduate school at Yale in Chemistry, and did a post-doc at CalTech before becoming a Professor of Chemistry at Vanderbilt University.

Ying Xin Liu

photo of Ying Xin Liu with squirrel

Ying Xin Liu attended SCC in 2004. She graduated from UC Davis with her B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry from UC Davis. During her Ph. D., she came back to SCC to give a seminar about her graduate work on Atomic Force Microscopy. She is now a Senior Engineer at Seagate Technology.

Cali Ha

photo of Cali Ha in lab coat

Cali Ha attended SCC in 2004. From SCC, she transferred to UC Davis before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic-West. She is a Chiropractor at Chiropractic and Muscle Therapy in San Jose.

Theodore Chan

photo of Theodore Chan

Theodore Chan, attended SCC in 2002. Theo is the Pharmacy Director for Coventry Health Care, Inc., an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice and an APPE Preceptor at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO. He is currently a Diplomat for the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) and Project chair for the Kansas City Antibiotic Resistance Task Force, Kansas City, MO. He graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy in Tucson, AZ and completed pharmacy internships at Medication Management Center, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ and Osco/Albertsons Pharmacy Stores in Tucson, AZ.

Kimberly Cargile

photo of Kimberly CargileKimberly Cargile attended SCC in 2002. Kimberly believes that education is the basis of change.  She has organized the first class on Cannabis at Sacramento City College, The Chemistry of Cannabis.  She currently teaches the section on marijuana in the Alcohol and Other Drugs Health Course at Sacramento State University on a semester basis. In 2013, Kimberly was voted one of the top ten most influential people in the cannabis community in Sacramento by Sacramento Alternative Magazine. Kimberly has worked hard over the years to continually learn as much as possible about the science and politics of medical cannabis.  Her passion for helping others has fueled her desire to stay in the industry through some very hard times. In 2015, Kimberly worked tirelessly on the MMRSA State regulations; giving tours of A Therapeutic Alternative to the Chief Police Association, The League of California Cities and Counties, The Board of Equalization and numerous legislative offices. Kimberly is respected for her knowledge, ethics and compassion. Her experience has earned her the title as an expert in the medical cannabis industry.

Vivian (Megan) White

photo of Vivian (Megan) WhiteVivian (Megan) White attended SCC in 2001. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy from San Francisco State University. From the ASP website: She works as an astronomy educator at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. She works closely with amateur astronomers across the country through NASA’s Night Sky Network and creates outreach activities and demos for use by the network’s 450+ clubs. She is also creating a suite of activities for museum educators to use with preschool children grounded in research and inspired daily by her young son.

Khaled Khaled

photo of Khaled KhaledKhaled Khaled attended SCC in 2001. He has since gone on to earn his B. S. in Biochemistry from UC Davis, his Master’s in Chemistry from San Jose State, and his MBA from Chapman University.