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Front-End Web Developers are proficient at creating Web site structure with some interactivity. There is emphasis on learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and user interface, user experience design.


The Web Developer program at Sacramento City College allows students to complete classes and obtain certificates as they are working toward achievement of the highly desirable skill-sets obtained in the Web Development program.

Students complete certificates while they pursue the Web Developer Certificate or Degree. Students complete the first certificate, and apply those skills with a few more classes for the next level certificate, working toward completion of Web Developer Certificate or Degree. Certificates below are listed in the order they are taken.

Certificate One:  Web Production Specialist

Certificate Two:  Front-End Web Developer

Final Certificate: Web Developer

Career Opportunities – Front-End Web Developer

Students completing this certificate could hold a job as a front-end Web developer or a Web site specialist.
Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • manage a multi-level Web site hosted on a Web server.
  • utilize multiple programs simultaneously in order to develop Web sites.
  • research and implement current, valid World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards including technical recommendations for markup languages, the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), the Web Mobility Initiative (WMI), and other recommendations as they are introduced.
  • plan a structured approach to Web site development that identifies the information dissemination needs of a client and organizes the content effectively and efficiently in order to communicate to an identified audience, and then develop and implement an appropriate Web solution.
  • write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in the currently used version.
  • utilize client-side scripting in order to manipulate interactive objects like navigation bars, forms, rollovers, other event handling, and the control of windows, frames, and layers.
    create composite images that demonstrate visual design concepts of scale, rhythm, and balance.
  • construct images utilizing selections, layers, masks, adjustment layers, and blending modes.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the current technologies and processes of interactive design, motion graphics, and Web site development.
  • conceive and design effective Web site wireframes, navigation, user interfaces, and Web page prototypes.
  • utilize User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product.
Front End Web Developer – Certificate of Achievement – 29 units
Course CodeNameUnitsSemester OfferedOffered OnlineCourse included in Computer Science Major
CISC 310Introduction to Computer Information Science3 UnitsFall
CISC 323Linux Operating System1 UnitFall
CISC 324Intermediate Linux Operating System1 UnitFall
CISP 301 Algorithm Design and Implementation.4 unitsFall
CISW 304Cascading Style Sheets2 UnitsFall only
2nd 8 wk
CISW 320Introduction to Web Site Development3 UnitsFall
CISW 323Survey of Internet Technologies4 UnitsSpring onlyHybrid or OnlineNo
CISW 370Designing Accessible Web Sites1 UnitSpring onlyYesNo
CISW 400Client-side Web Scripting4 unitsSpring onlyHybridElective
GCOM 330 Digital Imaging3 UnitsFall
GCOM 360Introduction to Web and Interactive Technologies3 UnitsFall
Certificate of Achievement 29 Units
Next Certificate Web Developer Certificate or A.S. Degree

Previous Certificate Certificate Web Production Specialist

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Curriculum Updates for 2017/208

The Web Professional certificate/degree has been deleted effective 2017/2018 catalog. Contact Professor Little for any questions,