Information Processing Technician

Certificate of Achievement (COA)

Information Processing Contacts

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This information processing technician certificate builds upon previous training in the use of word processing programs. As employees become more proficient with basic entry-level skills in word processing, advancement in the work place requires competencies in other microcomputer software programs. These include skills in the operating system, spreadsheet, database management, graphics, and the use of the Internet.

This certificate is designed for students interested in job advancement requiring additional computer skills.

Career Opportunities

Students who are currently employed in entry-level office-related jobs (many of which require word processing skills) are interested in opportunities for advancement. These positions usually require competencies in additional microcomputer applications courses in the Windows operating system, spreadsheet, database management, graphic presentations, and the use of the Internet.

Such positions include: health information technicians, customer or client service representatives, and customer support specialists. Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics (2008-2018) figures, job demands in these areas will grow an average of 11.4% annually and will continue to exceed the number of available and trained workers.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in Windows operating system commands, programs, file and folders management, storage, and utilities.
  • identify on-the-job problems, projects, presentations, and assignments and design appropriate software solutions or tools.
  • evaluate effectiveness of software solutions and implement suitable software changes, enhancements, or improvements.
  • design and implement data management systems involving queries, data entry, screen, forms, tables, reports, and labels.
  • explain and use asynchronous and synchronous communication tools.
  • identify Internet laws, guidelines, and security and privacy issues and determine specific on-the-job applications.
  • set up, test, and implement complex macros and scripts for on-the-job usage.

Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement may be obtained by completion of the required program with grades of “C” or better or equivalent.