Web Production Specialist

Certificate of Achievement (COA)

Web Production Specialists are proficient at creating simple Web site structure with images, lists and links. The Web Production Specialist certificate requires students to use web creation and image editing tools and custom applications to design, code, and test Web sites. There is emphasis on learning the basics of creating web pages for a client with a cascading style sheet.

Stacking Web Certificates to Achieve Web Developer

The Web Developer program at Sacramento City College allows students to complete classes and obtain certificates as they are working toward achievement of the highly desirable skill-sets obtained in the Web Development program.

Students complete certificates while they pursue the Web Developer Certificate or Degree. Students complete the first certificate, and apply those skills with a few more classes for the next level certificate, working toward completion of Web Developer Certificate or Degree. Certificates below are listed in the order they are taken.

Certificate One: Web Production Specialist

Certificate Two: Front-End Web Developer

Final Certificate: Web Developer

Printable Web Dev Brochure (PDF)

Career Opportunities

Technical positions include: computer operator, computer programmer, systems analyst, database administrator, computer support or help desk specialist, Web developer, and application developer. California is experiencing a shortage of students completing a BS degree and the number of new employees required in this field will grow to one million by 2020.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • develop multi-page websites communicating a specific message while following language specifications and syntax requirements as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • learn to code HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), HTML5, XHMTL (Extensible HyperText Markup Language), and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) using open-source software and Web developer tools to manage files and other assets on a website.
  • use images, graphics and multi-media following standard practices as outlined in the W3C Recommended Standards, including W3C Accessibility Standards.
  • learn principles for using a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, for creating and editing Web pages.
  • examine technical recommendations for using markup and style sheet languages, following recommendations of the W3C Accessibility Standards.
  • demonstrate an understanding of visual hierarchy and scale through successful completion of a comprehensive final project.
  • conceive and design effective site maps, wireframes, navigation, user interfaces, and prototypes.
  • describe the relationship between user-centered design concepts, user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, and usability testing.
  • demonstrate the use of current technologies and processes of user interface and responsive website design.


Many classes within the Web Developer program are also classes required in other disciplines of Computer Information Science, including the highly coveted Computer Science A.S. Degree. Students have a great opportunity within our programs to complete multiple majors within CIS disciplines giving students a broad knowledge of various aspects of Computer Information Science, and preparing students for a technology-driven workforce for the future.

Web Production Specialist – Certificate of Achievement – 18 units

Course CodeNameUnitsSemester OfferedOffered OnlineCourse included in Computer Science Major
Use the Course Code links below for enrollment in these courses.
CISC 305Introduction to the Internet1 UnitFall
CISC 310Introduction to Computer Information Science3 UnitsFall
CISC 323Linux Operating System1 UnitFall
CISC 324Intermediate Linux Operating System1 UnitFall
CISW 306Introduction to Web Page Creation and Web Accessibility2 UnitsSpring or FallYesNo
CISW 327Introduction to Web Development coding HTML and CSS4 UnitsFall
YesCS Certificate or Degree Elective option
DDSN 331 Digital Imaging3 UnitsFall
DDSN 360User Interface Design3 UnitsFall
Certificate of Achievement18 Units

Certificate One in Web Series: Web Production Specialist

Certificate Two in Web Series: Front-end Web Developer

A.S. Degree or Certificate in Web Series: Web Developer

Apply for your Certificate

Candidates for degree/certificate must initiate a petition with the Admission and Records Office or apply online.

Curriculum Updates for 2019/2020

Some Course Codes have been modified in this program.

  • CISW327 (new course number – replaces CISW320 and CISW304)
  • CISW306 (new course number – replaces CISC306 and CISW370)
  • DDSN 331 replaces old course number GCOM 330
  • DDSN 360 replaces old course number GCOM 360

Contact Professor Little for any questions, LittleM@scc.losrios.edu.