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Our event was a huge success!

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We will be hosting more events like this in Spring 2018. Thank you to all of our industry participants for contributing to our wonderful panel discussion!

We will be posting information from the event soon!

Women Who Code @ SCC | December 1, 2017 – 12:00pm – 3:00pm | B203

Several guest panelists will share their experience working in various fields of Computer Information Science. We will have a meet and greet networking session, and have short presentations from professional women working in various fields and industries.

Join us to find out about our programs, meet some of our faculty, and also meet students currently enrolled in our programs. This is a community event, and all are welcome to attend.

If you have never explored Computer Information Science, please join us!

We hope to see you here!

Event Time and Location

Dec 1, 2017
12:00pm – 3:00pm
Business Building – B203

Guest Panelists

Intel Hardware Developer
State of California Project Manager
State of California  Jobs information
Project Management for Web Development

Event Description

We will also offer a short coding workshop for programming and web development, for those to explore how fun it can be to code!

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About Women Who Code @ SCC

Professor Little and Professor Xu are leading the way for organizing a cohort of Women Who Code @ Sacramento City College.  We have the support of our faculty and dean of the division, and hope to organize a group of women, interested in enrolling in CIS programs, to support your success from the time you begin your program, until you graduate!

This is a new cohort in CIS to bring women together as they complete their studies in Computer Science, Programming and Web Development. All disciplines are welcome to participate, but these are the three programs that will be the focus of this cohort pathways project.

This is our first ever cohort here in CIS, and we will be exploring and learning as we grow these pathway programs. We hope to have women apply for our first cohort for Spring 2018.

If you are a new student, or if you are already a current student in CIS we would love it if you want to join our cohort!

  • It is a fact, women in Computer Science are an under-represented group, and we are establishing this cohort to try to provide more opportunities for women!
  • It is a fact that wages in Computer Science are higher than average salaries!
  • Statistics from Code.org for California

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