Classified Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Classified Senate of Sacramento City College, in cooperation with faculty and administrators, provide students with the support needed to achieve an excellent educational experience. Sacramento City College is an egalitarian institution committed to the principle that “higher education will be available to every person who can benefit.” Our purpose is to assist directly or indirectly with the needs of students and be sensitive to creating an environment conducive to this objective.

To reach this goal, the following Code of Ethics has been adopted by the Classified Senate on behalf of all classified staff. We are guided by the maxim: SERVICE, PRIDE, PROFESSIONALISM.

  1. Devote time, thought and study to duties and responsibilities so that, as a Sacramento City College employee, we may render effective and credible service.
  2. Base our decisions upon all available facts in each situation; vote our honest conviction in every case, unswayed by biases of any kind; abide by and uphold the majority decision of the Senate.
  3. Welcome and encourage the active cooperation of the students, staff, faculty, administrators, and public with respect to establishing policy on current and future college operations.
  4. Provide equal treatment and respect to all college community members and take pride in extending our professional expertise within our designated field to the college community.
  5. Recognize that unwelcome attention toward any member of the campus community is not permissible and shall not be condoned.
  6. Encourage involvement in the college community by participating in campus committees, activities, and other affiliations.
  7. Maintain integrity in all aspects of service.
  8. Promote an exchange of information and communication with employee organizations, Associated Students, Academic Senate and administration.
  9. Promote the institution’s mission of Working Together, Pursuing Excellence, and Inspiring Achievement.