CONNECTIONS Customer Service Program

CONNECTIONS is a quality service training program designed specifically for community college staff by the USA Group, Noel-Levitz. It is a six-hour training program, presented in two sessions, with a small group of staff from different areas on campus. The sessions are facilitated by fellow staff members who are trained in the use of the video tapes and participant workbooks that are the center of the training. Benefits from such training include: sharpening awareness of the needs of students, learning specific tools and methods to communicate more positively with student, staff an faculty, and realizing the importance of staff to the success of the educational mission of the college.

The benefit of the training is not only directed toward the student population, but impacts the campus community as a whole. Staff working together toward the common goal of student success is a major component of this program’s effect. Studies show that a caring attitude of staff is an important factor in a student’s decision to attend a school and to return the next semester.