Communication Networking Meetings

Offered at various times throughout the semester, these meetings are designed to connect communication majors or interested students with resources to assist with college and career planning. These student-focused discussions often explore degrees, universities, scholarships, internships, and career opportunities.  Meeting dates/times are posted in most communication classrooms and on our department web page.

Speech and Debate Sponsored Events

Our award-winning Los Rios Speech and Debate Team invites you to sample our showcase events offered throughout the year.  From our Coffee Garden Nights to Speech Night or Public Forums, we are pleased to offer special events that inform and entertain.  Event dates are publicized through in-class announcements and here on our department web page.

Other Events

We are pleased to announce communication-related events hosted by our sister colleges or neighboring universities.  As we become aware of these events, we will posts these here or offer them as announcements in our classes.