General Education

A comprehensive education serves to develop the creativity, critical thinking, ethical behavior, and self-understanding that are essential to the attainment of personal goals and to participate in a society characterized by increasing global interdependence, competitiveness, and by rapid and significant change.

Sacramento City College is committed to the principle of providing general education that includes:  Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, Languages and Rationality, Living Skills, and Ethnic/Multicultural Studies.  Students are required to complete General Education, along with their major to earn an Associate Degree.

A key component to any Associate (AA/AS) and/or  Baccalaureate (BA/BS) is completing the general education requirements.

There are different GE patterns to follow based upon the educational goal.

For an Associate degree, follow the pattern based on your catalog year.

SCC AA/AS Graduation Requirements

General Education Requirements for Transfer

To transfer to the UC or CSU systems, refer to the following patterns.

Transfer students are highly encouraged to meet with a counselor.  General education and lower-division major requirements can change each year.