First Time in College Counseling

Welcome to Sacramento City College!

If this is your very first time in college, below are the next important steps in completing the pre-enrollment process.  After completing AssessmentOrientation, and Assessment, you may then sign up for an Academic Planning Session (APS).

All first-time-in-college students are required to attend an APS. These sessions are offered by Academic Counselors who will assist you in planning for your first semester of classes at Sacramento City College.  It is imperative to complete this step to achieve priority enrollment status.

About APS

Who Qualifies?

  • Only first time in college, new students qualify to participate in an Academic Planning Session.
  • Additionally, all students who register must have completed their Application, Orientation and Assessment (and have final scores) prior to the session.
  • Students must not have any holds on their account.

What Do I Bring with Me?

  • Assessment scores
  • High school and/or college transcripts
  • AP Test scores

What Can I Expect from My Academic Planning Session?

During the academic planning session, you will put together a first-semester education plan with an academic counselor. Education plans are required for new students in order to receive Priority Registration, and will help assist you in determining appropriate classes you can take your first term.  Planning sessions will cover general education requirements, major preparation, pre and co-requisites, class search, and college resources.  Each session will take approximately 1.5 hours.

Follow-Up Counseling Services

Counseling services are offered at all three of our sites.  We encourage students to meet with a counselor to develop a comprehensive plan after attending an academic planning session, which will include all semesters until you transfer or graduate, and is specific to each student’s educational goals.

Schedule Your Session

Dates and times of available sessions will be listed once you log in. Once you successfully register, a confirmation email with APS time and location will be emailed to you.