iSep (Individual Student Education Plan)

Having an PLAN to get through college is essential!
Meet with a counselor to get yours…

This IS your first meeting with counselors. This step required to keep your registration priority, and avoid being at the end of the line to sign up for your classes.  Counseling appointments are held prior to the start of your first semester in college.  To get more information and to schedule, please call (916) 558-2204.

Continuing students need an iSEP, too.  Knowing which classes to take can be confusing.  An iSEP will clear that up.  To get one, or update yours, meet with a counselor.

Your iSEP can be viewed from your student e-service account, so it is always available to you. Using the My Planner tab from your e-service account allows you help plan your classes. My Planner can be reviewed with a counselor during your next visit.

How to Meet with a SCC Counselor