Student Access Card/Universal Transit Pass

Your Student Access Card is your official college ID card.

To acquire a Student Access Card, you need to provide proof of your identity with a photo identification card such as a driver’s license. Your Student Access Card gets you into college athletic events and other college activities where student identification is required.

Your Student Access Card serves as your:

Universal Transit Pass (UTP) Sticker


Students enrolled in more than three (3) units at any one college within the Los Rios Community College District, have a Student Access Card, and do not have any outstanding balance due on their account.


  • Students in the Sacramento Regional Transit Public Safety Center
  • Students in an apprenticeship programs
  • Students on the UC Davis Main Campus
  • Students studying abroad



$2.25 per unit, rounded up to the next whole unit. The maximum fee charged is $33.75 a semester for students enrolled in 15 or more units across the Los Rios Colleges.


Yes, if a student drops courses within the refund period. A minimum fee of $9.00 will be withheld if a UTP stick has already been issued to a student for the semester.


All Student Fees MUST BE PAID before a UTP Sticker or Access Card can be issued.