Faculty Resources

Faculty teaching at the Davis Center can find more information about our Center here. The page is in progress, so look for changes soon.

Course Syllabus

All faculty teaching at the SCC Davis Center are required to submit an electronic copy of their current course syllabus to the Center. Email a copy of the course syllabus to Diana at DanielD@scc.losrios.edu.

Copy Machine

The copy machine is located in the workroom. Your username and password will be taped to the side of your mailbox.

Need more than 200 copies?

These must be requested from SCC Duplicating. You can request copies from SCC Duplicating 2 ways:

  • Via Inter-campus mail: Forms and envelopes are located by the outgoing mail
  • Via Duplicating Website

Faculty Absence

Davis Center office staff will post your class cancellation to your room, Facebook, and Twitter.  Always email your students when possible. Call to report your absence to the Davis Center office staff: 530-747-5200.

Information Needed

Imron Cards

Imron Cards are different from your ID Card, although they look similar. Imron Cards are turned ‘on’ when you have classes at the Davis Center and are turned ‘off’ when you do not have classes at the Davis Center.

Important notes

  • Imron Cards do not expire  (disregard the expiration date on the front of the card).
  • Missing semesters does not affect your Imron Card.
  • Never discard your Imron Card.

Please contact Diana or Jacek regarding your Card.

Faculty Office Hours

  • May be held in your classroom as long as time permits for the next class to begin.
  • May be held in the adjunct office located in room DAC 124.


Forms are usually emailed by your division office. Turn forms into your Division at SCC Main Campus (you can use intercampus mail for delivery).

UCD Workload office hour forms can be dropped off with Diana.

Parking Passes

UCD Parking Passes

You will be notified by email when to pick them up.

SCC Parking Passes

May be picked up from Police Services at SCC Main, or at the Davis Center office if you have no classes at SCC Main Campus.

Student Test Accomodations

(Make-up Tests or DSPS)

  1. Test Accommodation Form (green color) is located in the mailboxes above the outgoing mail.
  2. Fill out the form completely.
  3. Paperclip the form to your test and place it in YOUR mailbox.
  4. Once the test is administered, we will return the completed test to your mailbox.

Library Resources

Library Orientations – A librarian would be happy to come to your class to help your students get started with college-level research (not available during Summer Session). Find more information at the SCC Library’s Orientations Request page. If you have questions about library services at the Davis Center, please contact Jeff Karlsen at karlsej@scc.losrios.edu or 916-558-2583.

Reserve Textbook Requests – As a faculty, you may request a copy of your textbook be secured for our reserve collection. Funding is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Use the DVC Reserve Text Request to get started.