Netbook Checkout

The Davis Center has a small number of Acer AspireOne 722 netbooks available for student checkout and use while on our campus grounds. Each Netbook is equipped with wireless networking capability and a battery. The battery lasts for approximately 7 hours, so no power cord is required. The Netbooks have pre-installed Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, web browsers, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please ready our checkout and use policy below for details.

Netbook Checkout & Use Policy


Requirements for Borrowing Notebooks

The Student must:

  • be currently registered at Sacramento City College
  • be 18 years of age, or have parental permission on file in the Lab
  • have no “holds” or “blocks” on student record
  • present a valid/current SCC Student ID Card
  • present a current Driver’s License, Government ID, or Passport (kept while notebook is checked out)
  • sign an SCC Notebook Loan Receipt/Computer Loan Agreement
  • receive and retain a Proof of Return slip (which includes due time/date)
  • be knowledgeable in the operation of laptop/notebook computers; staff do not offer assistance



Availability & Time Limits

Notebook computers are available:

  • on a first come – first served basis; they cannot be reserved
  • for a four-hour check-out period; renewal at staff discretion
  • for check-out until ½ hour before office closing
  • for use at the Davis Center, inside the building


  • for a single additional 4-hour period during each day as office operational hours permit
  • no renewal if there is a waiting list.
  • no renewal if the laptop is late – you must bring it back to the front counter at the LRC.

Borrowing Procedures:

  • Present a valid SCC Student ID Card and a current Driver’s License, Government ID, or Passport.
  • (Picture ID kept at office until Notebook is returned.)
  • Sign the SCC Notebook Loan Receipt/Computer Loan Agreement.

Return Procedures:

  • Return the Notebook no later than ½ hour before the LRC closes.
  • Before turning off the computer, or closing the lid, save your work on a portable storage device, or e-mail it to yourself.
  • Printing from Notebooks is not possible at this time.
  • All user files will be deleted from the hard drive after re-boot.
  • Return the Notebook directly to a Staff member in the LRC for inspection and check-in. Allow at least 15 minutes for this procedure.
  • Retain the “Proof of Return” slip that you are issued (required for your protection); they prove that you returned the Notebook.

Fines, Replacement and Liability of Notebook Computers:

  • Please note that fines and associated replacement costs of Notebook computers are high due to cost and high demand. The policies of SCC are consistent with the policies of other California community colleges.
  • Never leave a Notebook unattended! You are responsible for the Notebook and accessories until they are returned to and checked in by Davis Center staff. You will be billed if the computer is lost, stolen, or damaged.


The Davis Center has 10 Acer AspireOne 722 netbooks available for student checkout and use upon the campus grounds. Each Notebook is equipped with wireless networking capability and a battery. The battery lasts for approximately 7 hours, so no power cord is required. The Notebooks use the Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft Office 2010 applications, web browsers, and Adobe Acrobat Reader have been pre-installed.

Wireless access (Internet and printing):

The Notebooks can wirelessly access the Internet via the campus network from anywhere inside the building. At this time, the Notebooks are not able to print at the Davis Center.

Saving documents:

Notebook users should save their work to a USB data storage device, as the

Notebooks employ a special security measure that prevents permanent changes to the hard drive: any file saved on the hard drive will be automatically erased when the Notebook is restarted.

Notebooks may not be used to engage in illegal activities or to disrupt other users. Users agree to abide by Davis Center Lab Policies and the Los Rios Statement of Ethics R-7831 ( and Security (R-7871) as well as other local, state and federal regulations and laws that may be applicable.

Removal of a Notebook computer from the Davis Center premises is strictly prohibited! Individuals who attempt to walk away with the Notebooks will be subject to criminal prosecution per Sections 484 (Misdemeanor Theft) or 459 (Felony Burglary) of the California Penal Code, respectively, and possible arrest by law enforcement.

Overdue fines are $10.00 per hour for the Notebook.

Damages will be assessed and you will be charged for the cost of repairs.

Replacement costs include:

  • standard $500.00 charge for the Notebook
  • processing charge of $100.00 (included in above)
  • overdue fines

Your respect for the equipment and the rights of other students is appreciated.