Heather Hogan


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Program Areas:
Web Design
Digital Illustration

DDSN 341 Digital Illustration for Graphic Design I
DDSN 361 Web Design I
DDSN 362 Web Design II

Heather Hogan has been an adjunct professor at City College since 2006 and a practicing web & print designer, marketing specialist, and project manager since 2000.

She has worked with a number of local businesses including Sacramento Beer Week, East Sac Shack, League of California Cities, and Sacramento Public Library. Now a full time freelancer since 2014, she enjoyed employment with firms like 10up, Jones & Stokes, and PMC in her earlier days.

Heather is a fine artist creating dreamy reminiscences in collage, assemblage, and relief block prints. Her arts are displayed at tenaciousgoods.com and website work can be found at hhogan.com.

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