Our new department name

Beginning with the Fall 2019 semester:
Graphic Communication will become the
Design & Digital Media department at Sacramento City College.

Design & Digital Media logo

Why the change?

This new name was chosen to better reflect the breadth of our program and industry terminology. Design has long been a fundamental focus of our department, yet not part of our name. And over the past two decades, with the addition of Web Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, and Game Design to our program, the Graphic Communication moniker was no longer accurate.

But the initial impetus for the name change first came with the decision to better define our various program areas through the introduction of three new course designators. Instead of all our courses sharing the same GCOM designator, our courses are now divided into four different designators:

DDSN (Digital Design) – the bulk of our Graphic and Web design courses
GAME (Game Design)
MODL (3D Modeling)

You can call us Design & Digital Media, or just D&DM for short.

Will all the course numbers and names change too?

While all our courses will have a new designator, most of the course names will remain the same. However, many of the numbers associated with the courses will also change.

We have created a D&DM-GCOM_course-converter (PDF) that will help you with the conversion. The first converter lists the new D&DM courses and what each used to be as a GCOM course. The other converter (second page of the PDF) lists all the current GCOM courses and what they will become under the new D&DM system.

How will this affect your degree or certificate?

Our A.S. degree and accompanying 30-unit certificate will also change from Graphic Communication to Design & Digital Media. But the name change will have little effect on our other four Certificates of Achievement. The new course names, numbers, and designators have been mapped to their previous GCOM course. Your transcript will show what the name and number of the course was when you completed it, but when you apply for a degree or certificate, the courses will all count regardless of the changes.

We have created new Program sheets that list the required courses and complete information of the degree and certificates as published in the official Sacramento City College 2019-20 Course Catalog.