Information for Faculty

Approximately 10 percent of your students live with a disability. Here are a few resources to help you serve their needs effectively.

  • Etiquette Tips

    People with disabilities want to be treated just as anyone would – with respect and dignity.

  • Myths and Facts

    There are approximately 49 million Americans with disabilities.  Yet, many people do not realize that the experience of disability is typical rather than rare.

  • Tutoring Students with Learning Disabilities

    A few suggested techniques that may help students with LD retain information.

  • Working with a Blind Student

    Do you have a student who is blind or visually impaired? These tips may help you work together more effectively.

  • Working with a Deaf student

    Do you have a student who is Deaf or hard of hearing? These strategies may help you work together more effectively.

  • Dare to Care

    This project, developed by Long Beach City College, is a free interactive training program in which faculty learn to identify and handle disabled student issues in their classes.

  • ADA Computer Locations

    Many labs contain assistive technology for your students’ use. This directory explains what’s available and where it is.

  • WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

    Use this site to get a preliminary evaluation of a web site’s compliance with accessibility standards.