CARE Eligibility

The eligibility requirements for CARE are:

  • Students must meet all EOPS eligibility requirements.
  • Student must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Student must be receiving CalWorks/ TANF benefits or at least one of student’s minor children still receives benefits.
  • Student must be determined by the county welfare department as “single head of household.”
  • Student must pursue an educational job training program that leads to a certificate degree or transfer objective.
  • Must be enrolled in 12 units or more,  or have a DSPS unit accommodation letter to be in reduced units.

To apply for the CARE program, you must be eligible for the EOPS program and submit an EOPS application during open application period. On the EOPS application please make sure you answer the questions in CARE program section. If your EOPS application is accepted and you are found to be eligible to attend the EOPS Orientation you will also be invited into the CARE program and further instructions will be sent.