Plan for Achieving Academic Success (PAAS) is a “status” within EOPS for students who are experiencing academic (student is below a 2.0 cumulative GPA) and/or progress (student is not completing 75% of all attempted courses which disqualifies him/her from financial aid) difficulty.

A PAAS assessment is completed for every EOPS student every semester and at admission.  The EOPS Student’s transcripts from every college of attending will be evaluated to determine the need for referral to PAAS. New students applying for EOPS who are not in good standing will not be eligible for book assistance their first semester.

PAAS is not meant to be a punishment.  Identifying a student as a PAAS student allows our counselors and our staff to pay closer attention to his/her standing.  We want to get our PAAS students back on track so they will not run the risk of being dismissed from Sacramento City College.

An EOPS PAAS student is required to:

  1.  Attend a PAAS workshop, which will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester.  At this workshop we share with our PAAS students how to understand their standing, what they need to do to get back in good standing, how to read their transcript, and how their standing affects their enrollment at Sacramento City College and financial aid.
  2. Submit one (1) EOPS Progress Report between the 4th and 6th week of the semester from each class he/she is enrolled.  This Progress Report is then reviewed by their counselor to determine their current standing and if any other interventions need to be employed to get the student back on track.
  3. Attend a PAAS Contact which typically is scheduled after Progress Reports are submitted and this is in addition to the three (3) EOPS contacts, and if you are in the CARE program the CARE Contact.  During this contact the EOPS Counselor will check in with the PAAS Student to get a self-evaluation report from the student, review his/her Progress Report Form, and direct the student  to participate in any intervention/activity needed to get him or her on track.
  4. Participate in tutoring if the PAAS student’s instructor indicates this is needed for successful completion of the course.  Tutoring will be required for every class a PAAS Student is referred to by his/her instructor

We take our student’s standing very seriously.  We will do what we can to monitor, advise, and direct students to a more successful pathway.  Students that show compliance with PAAS requirements and progress will be removed from PAAS the for the following semester.

EOPS PAAS Students that do not follow PAAS expectations will loose the privilege of Zero Priority Enrollment AND  their book assistance for the following semester.   In addition, PAAS students may be dismissed from the program if they have not demonstrated progress over time.


1. What is PAAS?

Plan for Achieving Academic Success – a student has been placed on PAAS if they are below a 2.0 Cumulative GPA, if their transcript  indicated that there has been a problem with successful course completion, and /or there has been some difficulty in the past with progress either GPA and/or completion.

2. How long am I on PAAS?

An EOPS student will remain on PAAS until they demonstrate that they have adopted skills and techniques to be able to be more successful with their educational goals. A student will show this through an improved GPA and course completion.

3. Do I have to earn a 2.0 cumulative GPA before I am off PAAS?

No, however you must clearly demonstrate that you are making steady and upward progress.

4. Do I receive all my EOPS resources if I am on PAAS?

You will receive all of the resource except book assistance – counseling, survival kit, access to the lending library, and workshops will still be received. You will not be eligible for BOOK ASSISTANCE funds until you have completed PAAS and you are no longer on academic probation.

5. What do I have to do while I am on PAAS?

  • You must attend a workshop.
  • You must agree, sign, and follow the EOPS PAAS Contract.
  • You must complete a progress report form.
  • You must participate in tutoring as directed.
  • You must meet and inform you counselor immediately when you begin experiencing difficulty that my impact your progress.

6. What happens if I don't follow the EOPS PAAS Contract?

It depends on what component you did not complete. Failure to submit your Progress Report Form will be grounds for you losing your priority enrollment status. Failure to complete two or more of the stipulations will result in you being dismissed from the program. As of Spring 2014, if you are on Academic and/or Progress Probation 2 or Academic or Progress Dismissal you will lose your Priority Registration and will be given Priority 4 due to new state requirements regardless of EOPS participation.

7. How long can I be on PAAS?

Students who do not demonstrate improvement will continue to be on PAAS. Students who do not earn their way off PAAs after the 3rd semester will be dismissed.