Students Responsibilities

Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC)

Our Mutual Responsibility Contract is a contract signed by our student which indicate the mutual responsibilities between EOPS and our Students. To participate in EOPS, students must follow the guidelines in this contract. The contact consist of five (5) parts.

1. EOPS Responsibilities

EOPS is committed to providing resources that will assist you with reaching your educational goals. Some of the resources include counseling support, priority enrollment, book service, financial aid advisement, supplies, and many other supports that will be of benefit to you as funds are available.

2. Students Responsibilities

Participation in EOPS is not a requirement but a privilege. Therefore by signing this Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC) I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. I understand that the most important resource EOPS offers me is counseling and academic guidance.
  2. I understand the importance of immediately notifying my EOPS Counselor if I encounter any difficulties that impact my academic success.
  3. I understand I must attend 3 mandatory EOPS contacts per semester within the timelines set by EOPS.
  4. I will enroll only in course work listed on my educational plan. I understand that I must complete all my competency areas – math, reading and writing – first. ESL students are required to complete ESL sequences to reach proficiency.

3. Committed to My Education

  1. I am personally responsible for my educational achievement.
  2. I understand the resources I receive in EOPS are provided to help me achieve my educational goals. Resources are based on my performance and budgetary constraints. The resources are given to me are for my use only and cannot be shared. (E.g. I will not purchase books for anyone in or out of the program and/or sell any of my resources.)
  3. I understand my participation in EOPS is time limited therefore, I will not be a passive EOPS student. I will assertively make the most out of my time in EOPS by asking for assistance when needed and utilizing all resources available to me.
  4. I will complete at least 12 units of my educational plan coursework per semester, every semester, with a 2.0 GPA.
  5. I will identify my educational goal by the 3rd semester and make academic progress towards achieving it.
  6. I will enroll in EOPS sponsored classes and/or participate in any support program as directed by my EOPS Counselor.
  7. I will complete all requirements of the Plan for Achieving Academic Success (PAAS) if I fall below a 2.0 cumulative GPA or 75% progress. I understand failure to do so will result in losing priority enrollment, book services and/or EOPS enrollment.

4. Communication and Follow Through

  1. I am a representative of the Sacramento City college Community. It is important for me to participate in respectful interactions with others. Therefore, I will represent myself in a positive and productive fashion.
  2.  I will update my contact information with Eservices – phone, g-mail, email, address, cell phone, etc.
  3. I understand that the EOPS program will only be communicating with me via g-mail. Therefore, it is my responsibility to check for messages on a daily basis and respond and/or take action to emails sent by the EOPS Staff as requested.

5. I understand that I shall remain eligible for EOPS services until ONE of the following apply

  1. I complete 70 degree-applicable units or 6 consecutive semesters without term-to-term interruption (excluding summer); OR
  2. I fail to meet the terms, conditions, or provisions of my Educational Plan and/or this contract (MRC).