Common questions about the ESL Lab (also called the ESL Center) are listed below.  Please contact your instructor or any of our ESL faculty if you have more questions.

Do all ESL students take the ESL lab?

Students taking ESL Reading or Listening classes labs should register immediately for 0.5 units of the ESL Reading or Listening lab they want and then select a time during their first R/L class meeting.

No ESL labs are required for ESL Writing or Grammar classes.

Independent students may enroll in 0.5 units of ESL 44/54/94/95 at any time up to the middle of the semester.

What do students do in the ESL lab?

The ESL Center offers intensive English language exposure (texts and literature, audio and visual media, & computer and web programs) to help you improve your success rate in all classes.

The ESL Center has a wealth of materials, carefully arranged and selected for your specific level and focus.  There is an ESL faculty member present during all hours that the lab is open, as well as student tutors and an instructional assistant, all happy to assist all students enrolled in the lab courses.

I'm taking an ESL class, so what lab do I take?

Match your Content Class with the Lab Class beside it.  If you completed a lab but are repeating the course, please try the Independent Lab.  If you are in a Writing or Grammar course, please also use the Independent Lab option.

Lab Courses for ESL
LevelContent ClassRequisite Lab ClassIndependent Lab Option
Level 30AllNoneESL 34 Beginning-high skills lab
Level 40ESLR 40ESLR 90ESL 44 intermediate‐low skills lab
ESLW 40———-
Level 50ESLR 50

ESL   55

ESLR 91ESL 54 intermediate‐mid skills lab
ESLW 50———-
ESLG 50———-
Level 310ESLR 310

ESL 315

ESLR 92ESL 94 intermediate‐high skills lab
ESLW 310———-
ESLG 310———-
Level 320ESLR 320

ESL 325

ESLR 93ESL 95 Advanced-low skills lab
ESLW 320———-
ESLG 320———-

How many hours do I go to lab? Is there any homework?

You are required to attend 27 hours of lab to pass. This is about 2 hours of lab per week.

There is no homework assigned in lab classes.

Does the ESL lab have drop-in Tutoring?