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When you finish ESLG 320, R320, W320 and ESL 114 you can now get an advanced certificate in ESL and it will show on your transcript.

Apply for your Advanced Certificate by clicking here!  If you have problems completing this online certificate, please email Duane Leonard

The Department will also award unofficial intermediate ESL certificates when you complete ESLG 50, R50, W50 and L50 courses.

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The links at ESL Online are selected by the SCC ESL faculty to represent good, useful language learning sites for you.  They are organized by topic, but not level (yet), so if a site is too easy or too hard, just go to a difficult one.  If you know of a good site, let us know and we might add it.  Have fun!

The ESL Department offers three combined classes in Fall and Spring.  Each is a 6-unit combo of Reading and Writing. Move through your ESL courses to graduation level faster and free up extra units to take other classes!

Level 50: Take ESL 55 (formerly 53)  (ESLR 50 & ESLW 50 combined).  Prereqs: ESLR 40 + ESLR 90 AND ESLW 40.

Level 310: Take ESL 315 (ESLR 310 & ESLW 310 combined). Prereqs: ESLR 50 + ESLR 91 AND ESLW 50.

Level 320: Take ESL 325 (ESLR 320 & ESLW 320 combined). Prereqs: ESLR 310 + ESLR 92 AND ESLW 310.