How to Register

As an international student, please contact our international center (  Once they tell you that you can register as an international student, you can register as follows:

As a CA resident, you can follow these steps below to register as a Sacramento City College student and then register for the correct ESL classes.

Please follow the “Steps to Success” below, and on our website:

  1. Online application
  2. Online orientation(this is not so important, you can can delay this; the assessment is more important)
  3. Take the assessmenttest in person.  Here is a link to the assessment website.  You will have to contact them for ESL assessment times.  Currently, they are listed as Wednesdays from 8:30, but this will change in April.

After you get the results of your assessment test (in usually less than a week):

  1. Meet with a counselor  — Leonela LepeJamil MalikAnh Ngugen, or Dinh Bui all work directly with our students and can help you register.
  2. Sign up for an orientation (coming soon!)
  3. Register for classes (here are the links to our class Schedule, click on “SCC Main Campus” then ESLL, ESLR, ESLW, and ESL to see our classes, and here is a link for fees.

Counseling Department (for transcript questions): 916-558-2204

If you have more questions about our program or classes at any point, please email the ESL chair Duane Leonard, ( or make an appointment to talk with me (916 558-2089).

Thank you for thinking about ESL at Sacramento City College!

Duane Leonard, PhD — ESL Faculty and Department Chair