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Associate in Arts Degree
Program Information
Sacramento City College recognizes the need for a more extensive inclusion of minorities in the American educational system. The Ethnic Studies Program at Sacramento City College is, therefore, open to all students and serves as a response to the needs, demands, and experiences of Sacramento’s minority communities. It can be of vital importance to the student because the program makes available a broader perspective on ethnic groups not ordinarily provided in primary and secondary educational institutions.
Sacramento City College offers a broad array of courses in African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Mexican American/Chicano Studies, Native American Studies, Gender and Ethnicity, and The European Experience. The program offers a course on the Introduction to Ethnic Studies along with general courses on American ethnic groups in Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, and History.

Career Opportunities
The Ethnic Studies program will prepare students who wish to transfer to an Ethnic Studies program at a four-year institution. Ethnic Studies provides the student with various career opportunities such as equity officer, social worker, diversity director, ethnologist, human relations personnel, and human resources personnel. The program will also provide a background to students hoping to teach in primary or post-secondary school programs.

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate critical thinking, communication, and research skills relative to ethnic minorities in the United States.
  • evaluate and discuss various interdisciplinary approaches to the study of ethnic minorities in the United States.
  • analyze and discuss the social, political, economic, and cultural experience of ethnic minorities in the United States.
  • demonstrate an understanding of ethnic minorities relative to history, politics, social sciences, and the humanities

Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree
The Ethnic Studies Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree may be obtained by successful completion of 60 transferable, semester units, including (a) the major or area of emphasis described in the Required Program, and (b) one of the following: the SCC General Education, the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), or the California State University General Education-Breadth Requirements.