Ethnic Studies News

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary study of cultures, linguistic, historical and contemporary issues relating to African Americans, Asian Americans, Chicanos/as-Latinos/as and Native Americans.

Ethnic Studies Contacts

“The program directs students to critically examine the cultural contributions made by these groups to world civilization and American society. Ethnic Studies challenges all students to analyze existing generalizations, theories and concepts about racial and ethnic groups in order to develop valid generalizations, concepts and theories.”

-CSUS Ethnic Studies website.

Cultural and Ethnic Clubs on Campus

African Cultural Society/African Student Club

This organization is meant to promote awareness of the historic cultural diversity of Africa, consider contemporary issues in Africa, and examine the impact of African cultures in the development of present-day American culture.

African Scholars Alliance

The purpose of ASA is to assist in preparing, relating, graduation, and transferring African ancestry students who are currently enrolled at Sacramento City College. Additionally, the ASA is committed to educating club members and the campus community at large regarding vital issues affecting the lives of African ancestry people: culturally, globally, politically, educationally, socially, economically and spiritually. To the end, the ASA will plan present and promote activities and events designed to enhance cultural awareness, to provide student support and community connections, and to assist students in retention and transfer opportunities.

Black Student Union

Our mission is to promote unity, pride and cultural awareness of Sacramento City College and to promote social interactions between students, faculty, and alumni and also to help aid in the efforts to improve the welfare of the community.

Brown Issues

To educate students on SCC main campus about community issues pertaining to the brown community and to take action against problems.

Chinese Culture Club

To celebrate Chinese culture, including but not limited to its history, cuisine, martial arts, music, and customs, and traditions, language on campus, and to help Chinese language learners. 

Club de Espanol

Promote and encourage learning of Spanish language and cultures and organize various activities to assist these goals.

Cultural Exchange Club

We promote traveling and exchanging ideas of leadership humanitarianism and innovation through travel and exploration.

Dancers of Pacific

To preserve, promote and protect the teaching of Polynesian Dance.

DSA (Desi Student Association)

The purpose of DSA is to help enrich the campus community amongst students with Indian culture by hosting and participating in such events as club day and DSA appreciation day.

Filipino Club

To create a social community, to learn more Filipino culture and food, activities that the club wants to do.

Le Club Francais

Give students an appreciation for French culture and a chance to practice speaking French.

H.O.P.E. (Hmong Opportunity Program for Education)

To promote higher education within the Hmong community.

Indigenous People

Create a student support group for native students as well as assist in community services.

Japanese Culture Club

Promote more awareness of various parts of Japanese Culture both part of the mainstream and outside of the mainstream.

Korean Club

To share Korean Culture with fellow SCC Students and Staff. To network with other clubs and participate in campus activities. To have fun and be a service to our campus.

Mongolian Student Club

To know each other better and help and support each other to be active in campus life.

Muslim Student Association

To cater to the needs of Muslims on campus while also educating fellow students on Islam and Islamic issues worldwide setting up a prayer room for observant Muslims and promotes and propagate the teaching of Islam.

NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)

To increase the number of culturally responsible engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

Polynesian Connection Club

To emphasize the importance of higher education, share our culture with the SCC community outreach to high school and the Greater Sacramento Area.

Puente Club

Promote Latino cultural awareness and promote the mission of the Puente project.

S.I.S.T.A. Alliance

To provide support for SCC’s women of color.

SVSA (Sac City Vietnamese Student Association)

To provide peer support sharing academic information, campus activities and community services for all SCC students.