Faculty Mentorship

This brief guide is offered to assist new full-time and part-time faculty (i.e., adjuncts) as they begin their first semester of teaching at Sacramento City College. It is not intended to be a comprehensive, standalone document. Where possible, links to other resources have been included at our faculty how-to website.

Rather its purpose is to provide the essential “first steps” that will ease some of the angst, uncertainty, and stress that may accompany the transition to teaching at an urban community college that serves a diverse body of students.

New faculty orientation is a process. The knowledge, insights, and information that are required to effectively integrate a person into the department, the division, and the college cannot be addressed in one document or even one semester.

However, here is what you should know.

We are glad you are here.

You have been called to serve, to be a purposeful, committed, knowledgeable educator of community college students.

Be patient with yourself. Teaching, like learning, is both art and science. Time, effort, and study are required.

Teaching, learning, and service are fun and rewarding.

Your students need you, and they deserve the best you.

So, relax.

Take good care of yourself, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Stay focused on the main thing. The main thing is facilitating effective and engaging pedagogy to help community college students participate in educational activities that will help them learn the subject you have been hired to teach.

Again, welcome!

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