Success Coaching as a Teaching Support

The Student Success and Support Program now encompasses Success Coaching.

There are four success coaches who are available to meet one-on-one with any SCC student. These individual sessions cover various methods and strategies for academic success such as time management, note-taking, reading, and study skills as well as individual referrals to campus resources. The SCC success coaches can help students design strategies tailored to fit a student’s specific academic situation.

Should you want to refer any of your students directly to a success coach, please share the information below:

Students may either call 916-558-2390, or select a specific coach and contact them directly:

Success Coaches

Success Coaching also offers helpful tips and resources for students wishing to explore ways to enhance their college success.

The website can be accessed on the Student Essentials sidebar, or can be found under Future Students in the main menu.

Success Coaching