Consumer Studies Resources

And Professional Organizations

Department Contacts

  • The American Association for Caregiver Education (TAACE)

    • To listen to caregivers, understand their needs, and provide solutions.
    • To proactively engage family caregivers at all levels to hear their stories.
    • To apply research, education, wisdom, and lessons learned to better understand core, emerging and future family caregiver concerns
    • To design, develop, and deploy innovative, sustainable family caregiver teaching and training solutions for professionals, students, and providers.
    • To create a focused resource hub for non-clinical family caregivers to better understand the spectrum of demands in long-term care.
    • To add to the body of non-clinical family caregiving knowledge through ongoing research.
  • Consumer Studies, California Community College- FCS

    Consumer Studies (formerly known as Life Management) curriculum is designed to prepare students for a variety of entry-level jobs and career advancement. Students can also prepare for transfer to a four-year institution with a Family and Consumer Sciences or related major. Those students not pursuing a certificate or a degree can select courses within the Consumer Studies (Life Management) Program to provide knowledge and skills that enhance the quality of life.

  • California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)

    Our Mission:
    To protect and serve the interests of California consumers.

    Our Vision:
    California consumers make informed choices and have access to competent and ethical service providers.

    Our Values:
    As a government agency dedicated to serving the interests of California consumers, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) values:

    • Accountability – We are accountable to the people of California and each other as stakeholders. We operate transparently and encourage public participation in our decision-making whenever possible.
    • Efficiency – We diligently identify the best ways to deliver high-quality services with the most efficient use of our resources.
    • Effectiveness – We make informed decisions that make a… MORE >>
  • Consumer Action (CA)

    Welcome to Consumer Action’s Take Action Center. Consumer Action offers e-advocacy tools to help you make your voice and opinions heard. The free service allows you to play active role in the political process by finding contact information for your federal and state elected officials, writing to Congress, sending letters to the editor, responding to key legislation and more. If you like our Take Action Center, consider supporting our work.

  • Consumer Federation of America (CFA)

    The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) is an association of non-profit consumer organizations that was established in 1968 to advance the consumer interest through research, advocacy, and education. Today, nearly 300 of these groups participate in the federation and govern it through their representatives on the organization’s Board of Directors.

    CFA is a research, advocacy, education, and service organization.

    • As a research organization, CFA investigates consumer issues, behavior, and attitudes through surveys, focus groups, investigative reports, economic analysis, and policy analysis. The findings of such research are published in reports that assist consumer advocates and policymakers as well as individual consumers…. MORE >>
  • Federal Trade Commission

    Mission: To prevent business practices that are anticompetitive or deceptive or unfair to consumers; to enhance informed consumer choice and public understanding of the competitive process; and to accomplish this without unduly burdening legitimate business activity.

    Vision: A U.S. economy characterized by vigorous competition among producers and consumer access to accurate information, yielding high-quality products at low prices and encouraging efficiency, innovation, and consumer choice.


    1. Protect Consumers: Prevent fraud, deception, and unfair business practices in the marketplace.
    2. Maintain Competition: Prevent anticompetitive mergers and other anticompetitive business practices in the marketplace.
    3. Advance Performance: Advance the FTC’s performance through organizational, individual, and management excellence.
  • Jump$tart – Personal Financial Literacy

    Jump$tart is a coalition of diverse financial education stakeholders.  These organizations work together to educate and prepare our nation’s youth for life-long financial success.

    We envision a nation of financially capable youth.

    Value Proposition
    Jump$tart connects and coordinates diverse partners in the financial literacy community to advance the field.

    • As a coalition, Jump$tart harnesses the collective strength and resources of multiple partners.
    • On behalf of its partners, Jump$tart promotes quality and effectiveness in financial education.
    • Jump$tart supports the work of its partners and the broad financial literacy effort through outreach, advocacy, resources and information.
  • National Consumers League (NCL)

    The mission of the National Consumers League is to protect and promote social and economic justice for consumers and workers in the United States and abroad. The National Consumers League is a private, nonprofit advocacy group representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues. We are the nation’s oldest consumer organization.

    NCL provides government, businesses, and other organizations with the consumer’s perspective on concerns including child labor, privacy, food safety, and medication information.

  • National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)

    Founded in 1951, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Inc.® (NFCC®) promotes the national agenda for financially responsible behavior, and builds capacity for its members to deliver the highest-quality financial education and counseling services. As the nation’s largest and longest-serving nonprofit credit counseling organization, the NFCC has played the key role in providing financial counseling and education to consumers for more than 60 years. With 85 member agencies and more than 600 offices throughout the US and Puerto Rico, the NFCC is the national voice for its members, which are nonprofit, mission-driven, community-based agencies.

    NFCC members, often known as Consumer… MORE >>

  • National Institute for Consumer Education (NICE)

    NICE’s mission is to empower people through education to become informed consumers, reasoned decision-makers, and participation citizens in a global market. Since its establishment in 1973, NICE has served as an advocate for consumer education in the nation’s schools, workplaces, and communities.