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Sacramento City College students who earn their Associate in Arts degree in Elementary Teacher Education will be eligible to transfer to the Blended Elementary Teacher Education Program at California State University, Sacramento to complete a bachelor degree and the requirements for a Multiple Subject Teacher Credential.

The first two years at Sacramento City College include a field experience course that places prospective teachers in schools working along side credentialed teachers. The field experience gives the students a real-life exposure to the teaching profession.

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Future Outlook

What kind of teachers will be needed? Some states, including California, will experience large enrollment increases. In addition to fast growing suburban areas, many jobs are available in inner city schools and rural areas. Also, some districts have difficulty finding qualified teachers in some subject areas such as math, science and special education. Teachers who are geographically mobile and can teach in more than one area have a distinct advantage. Some districts offer incentives such as loan forgiveness and assistance in home buying to attract teachers.

It is expected that the supply of teachers will increase as people realize the need for teachers has increased. Where will this supply come from? Perhaps from career changes, substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, teachers completing alternative certification programs and community college students.

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