Fashion- Applied Apparel Studies

The Fashion programs of study and courses at Sacramento City College provide education to meet the needs of this vast industry.

The curriculum in our programs of study address industry’s needs and has been delineated into the career areas of Applied Apparel Studies, Custom Alterations, Fashion Design and Production with associate degrees, certificates of achievement and the potential of transferring to Baccalaureate institutions.

Fashion programs provide an environment that promotes critical thinking, creativity, multicultural awareness and understanding of social, organizational and technological systems.

“Our global society is highly influenced by the California fashion industry as leaders in design, manufacturing and merchandising. Major market centers, apparel manufacturers and some of the largest and most unique retail centers in the world provide California with diversified career opportunities. At this time, California is the number one fashion employer in the nation. California’s apparel industry is a thriving economic force in the United States. The greater Los Angeles and Orange County metropolitan area is the largest center for apparel manufacturing in the United States, having eclipsed New York City.”
— California Fashion Association

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Fashion Program of Study

Future Outlook

One of the largest, single fashion districts in the country is located in downtown Los Angeles, an area which encompasses the California Market Center, the New Mart, the Cooper Building and the Gerry Building. Growth in the industry has been driven by the popularity of California designed fashion sportswear. Los Angeles has become a major center for fashion design, particularly in the areas of contemporary sportswear, swimwear and premium denim. Orange County has become the hub for the burgeoning action sports market that includes collections catering to lifestyles influenced by surfing, skating, snowboarding and motor sports. The San Francisco Bay Area is noted for its entrepreneurial spirit and a nurturing climate for up-and-coming designers, an environment conducive to the development of boutique markets.

A growing trend has been to market a brand catering to a specific lifestyle. Merchandising, branding, styling, advertising and public relations are all key components of this new lifestyle trend. New niche markets continue to evolve and should be identified and addressed. Examples would be do-it-yourself (DIY), customization, eco-friendly brands, the graying of America, tweens and the plus-size market.