Code of Conduct for Education Loans

The Higher Education Act (HEA) requires that all schools developed and adhere to a code of conduct for educational loans.  At SCC, educational loans consist of the Federal Direct Loan Program and Private Educational Loans. Sacramento City College adheres to the Los Rios Community College District’s Conflict of Interest Code in addition to the code of conduct information listed below:

Revenue-sharing arrangements with any lender

SCC Financial Aid employees or any staff or agents will not solicit or accept a fee, revenue or profit-sharing arrangement or other material benefit provided by a private lender that issues loans to or on behalf of our students for any reason.

Advisory board Compensation

SCC Financial Aid employees or any SCC staff or agents are prohibited from serving on the advisory board of any education loan lending institution. Education loan lending institutions may obtain advice and opinions of financial aid officials on financial aid products and services through Trade Associations, industry surveys or other mechanisms that do not require service on education loan lending institution advisory boards, provided such person receives no compensation for such service. This provision shall not apply to participation on advisory boards that are unrelated in any way to financial aid or higher education loans.

Please review the Los Rios Community College District Conflict of Interest Code for further information about the Code of Conduct for Education Loans.