Course Eligibility Q&A

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What is Financial Aid Course Eligibility?

If you are receiving Federal & State Financial Aid, you are eligible to receive grants, student loans, and federal work-study only for courses that are part of your major, general education, transfer or certificate program.

Does Course Eligibility Affect My California College Promise Grant (formerly Board of Governors or BOG Fee Waiver)?

The California College Promise Grant will not be impacted by financial aid course eligibility. If you were awarded a BOG Fee Waiver, it will cover the enrollment fees for all courses, even those not required for your major.

Why Now?

The Los Rios Community College District is addressing a long-standing federal requirement. The requirement states that a college cannot award federal financial aid for courses that do not directly apply to a financial aid eligible major, general education, transfer, or certificate program.

Should I Drop My Course?

Even if a course is ineligible for financial aid, it could be beneficial to your academic success. Please consult with a counselor or faculty member before you decide to drop.

How Will It Work?

  1. If you are enrolled and have a financial aid application on file, you will receive a message within 24 hours after enrolling for courses, excluding holidays and weekends, in your eServices Student Center regarding ineligible courses.
  2. Review the “View Course Eligibility” screen in eServices to check for ineligible and eligible courses.
  3. Review the “Make Your Courses Count” decision tree to determine your next steps.
  4. Once the Financial Aid Office is notified of changes to eligibility by the Counseling or Admissions & Records offices, Financial Aid will update the awarded student’s account prior to each disbursement.

Where Do I Go for Help?

Admissions & Records and Counseling are available for assistance at the main Counseling Office or the West Sacramento or Davis Centers. EOP&S, DSPS, CalWORKS and veteran students or student athletes are encouraged to meet with their primary counselors.