Get Financial Aid

The following presentation and steps describe the process of requesting and receiving financial aid to help pay for your college education.

Step 1

  • Complete a FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application (CADAA) – March 2nd is the SCC priority deadline for the FAFSA and a deadline for the CA Dream Act Application).
  • Complete a Cal Grant GPA Verification Form by March 2nd.  Community College students who are eligible to complete a FAFSA have a second deadline of September 2nd to submit their Cal Grant requirements.
    • SCC electronically submits a GPA for students with 24 earned SCC units, or a re-established GPA with 16 earned SCC units by deadlines.
    • Outside earned units may calculated by SCC Admissions & Records on GPA form.
    • HS graduates with less than 16 earned college units should return to their HS.
  • Students who completed the 2019-20 and 2020-2021 FAFSA or CADA should log in to eServices to check their Tasks and Message Center. IMPORTANT:  See the Financial Aid Office to request a paper copy of your financial aid information.
  • SCC Financial Aid Office begins processing the FAFSA and CADAA for any upcoming academic year by May annually.
  • SCC Financial Aid sends out an email (Los Rios Gmail) notifying students to log-in to “eServices” to check their Financial Aid status, and receive “Messages” in the portal.
    IMPORTANT: By logging into the portal, you consent to obtaining your financial aid documentation and award information electronically. If not, see the Financial Aid Office to request a paper copy of your financial aid information.

Step 2

  • Students are chosen for verification by the FAFSA or CADAA processor.
  • Your Financial Aid File will not be processed until all documents are submitted.
  • New Financial Aid documents can be added to your Tasks at any time.
  • If you submit all your documents by early June, we will make every effort to disburse your Financial Aid during the first week of school.

Step 3

  • Allow 4-6 weeks to process your file.
  • Always be aware that more documentation may be required.  If this is the case you will be contacted by our office immediately using the Messages link in eServices.
  • Some files may be released to the Department of Education, or the California Student Aid Commission.  If this is the case, your file processing and disbursement can be delayed one to two additional weeks.

Step 4

Among many other factors your award is also based on your enrollment status.

Enrollment Status
 # of Units Fall/Spring# of Units Summer
Full-time status (Fullx)12.00 or more6 or more
Three -quarter time status (3/4x)9.00-11.994.5-5.99
Half-time status  (1/2x)6.00-8.993-4.49
Less than half-time status (<1/2x)0.50-5.990.5-2
2019-2020 Sample Awards for Students Who Have Zero EFC
Enrollment StatusAnnual Award1st payment per term2nd payment per term

Important: Students receive two disbursements per semester. For example, a Full time student may receive two disbursements of $1549 and $1548 to equal the payment of $3098 during the Fall semester.  While, a 1/2 time student  will receive two disbursements, $775 and $774 to equal $1549 during the Fall semester.

Step 5

  • eServices displays two standard disbursements dates per fund. If you have not submitted all required forms by the file completion deadline for the term. SCC disburses Financial Aid funds every Friday (excluding campus closure, holidays, and the last Friday in June) based on your file completion date . The amount and type released displays in your eServices Account Activity screen the Thursday night before it releases to BankMobile. IMPORTANT: Disbursement are unique to your form requirements, file completion & review, term of enrollment, course start dates, eligible coursework, and award type. If you fail to submit documents by the end of the term file completion deadline, you may not be eligible for disbursement.
  • Continuing students must log on at BankMobile to select a refund preference. New students must log on using the personal code they receive from BankMobile in their Los Rios Gmail account to select a refund preference (make sure that your email, name, and address is correct with the Admissions and Records Office). All students should take time to review BankMobile Contract Disclosures.